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Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 91: Come what may and love it!

Buenos dias a todos!

This was a good week with work and sleep and work and sleep and a little bit of eating :)

Our investigators:
"K" the mom who got baptized last week got confirmed this week and she cried. It was super awesome and the ward is getting to know her a little bit better. I hope that she can keep progressing and prepare to go to the temple.

"S"- Her baptismal date fell through because she didn't go to church. She went to her aunts house and stayed for a day longer than she had planned on so she didn't go to church. That was sad but it was cool to see how people noticed that she wasn't there. The coolest part was that a young woman who is the same age a "S" came up to us and told us that she had a gift for "S" and asked if we could take it to her. When we said yes she took out a brand new triple with a dedication written to "S". It was so cool to see this young woman who was 15 years old take the initiative to help our investigator feel loved.

We found a new investigator this Tuesday named "R". We taught him almost every day this week and he is super awesome. He is super humble, he cant read or write, but loves to hear about the teachings of Christ to be able to follow them. He has depression but always cheers up with the things we teach him. He came to church on Sunday and the ward treated him really well. I think that is what made me so happy this week is that the ward has progressed so much in the way they treat our investigators. It was great and is is going to come again next week. He wants to get baptized but is living with his girlfriend and would have to get married first. But I believe that we can make it happen :)

This week we had interviews with president. It was pretty interesting. Our president seemed tired and a little bit discouraged. He talked about the need to study, to have faith, and have patience if the things don't turn out the way we planned. The interview itself was pretty short and normal but it was great to be able to tell president not to worry about our zone because things are going  well here :) It was also super fun because while my comp was in interviews I got to talk and spend some time with the assistants who are my good friends. It was a blast and it was great to be with them.

This week I decided that I have to be happier. All my happiness was based on the progress and change of the investigators that made my mood very roller coaster like. I would be happy and sad, excited and bummed, stoked and lazy. I read a talk that talked about the need to be happy and put more hope and faith in the Lord. If we do that it wont matter what happens in the moment, but what happens in the end. That helped me be a lot happier. After church this week, even though lots of sad things happened that weren't planned, I felt so happy and calm that I knew that in  the end everything would be okay.


This week we ate something that gave us a ton of gas. But my comp had the gas earlier than I did. He was suffering from bad gas during the day and I made fun of him. Then at night I started suffering from it. While we were planning he was tired and a little bored so he started poking me and messing with me. I told him to knock it off. He asked what I would do if he didn't. I told him that I would hit him. So he poked me again. I told him to knock it off. He then asked again what I would do if he didn't knock it off. I told him I would do something to make him suffer. He didn't believe me so he poked me again. I then let out one of the stinkiest gases of my life!! His eyes started watering and he started coughing. He ran around the apartment opening up every window and door that was possible. Needless to say, he stopped poking me :)

That was basically my week! This week we will keep working, laughing, being happy, and testifying of Jesus Christ.

I love you all! Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson

Apartment Selfie

Elder Nielson with his Homies the AP's

Here's looking at you kid!

Up close and personal

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