Vina Del Mar, Chile

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 103: The last letter- "Im coming home, Im coming home, tell the world Im coming home. (Sean "Diddy" Combs)

Buenos Tardes a Todos!

This week was a good week! We worked hard and found a couple of people that have given us hope and faith!

This week we had almost all of our appointments fall through which made us spend almost all of our time contacting and looking for new people. Sometimes it was hard to get  myself to do it because I was tired but I managed to persevere. 

We gave out a good number of Books of Mormon and found lots of people that could be interested. The best moment was a new investigator that we found. He was out in the street with his friend and we started talking to him (Because he had contacted him a couple days before) and we started talking about life and Chile and fleites and we were really friendly and funny with them. Then they started asking us what we do and why we do the mission. We testified strongly about the gospel and taught a little bit of each lesson. As missionaries they always teach us that we should testify about the restoration, but here in Chile the vision of baptism and repentance is so skewed that I love to testify and teach about baptism and repentance before anything else. It was a great lesson and they talked about how they want to believe but want to know if it is true. We talked about prayer and the Book of Mormon and how they can know from God if it is the path. And they said that they would be willing to do Everything if they came to know that it was true (Including baptism). It was a great lesson and made me feel super good.

Besides that I will be working this week and next week I am home! AAAAHHH it has passed by so fast! But it has be the best, hardest, saddest, happiest, most uplifting and fulfilling 2 years of my life. They really are the Best 2 years :)!!!!!

Next Monday I will be visiting my converts and eating with president and the other missionaries so  I wont be sending a letter. So the next time that we talk will be Wednesday in the airport! How crazy is that!

I love you all! Stay Golden!

Until Wednesday!

Elder Nielson :)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 102: I believe in Miracles!!

Buenos Dias a Todos!!

This week was a good week of some miracle moments and also a long week of lots of walking ha ha. I am super super super tired physically, mentally, and emotionally, but I gotta work in the time which is called "Day" (D&C).

Basically the best part of the week was a day of Interchanges when I was in another sector with one of the elders of my zone.

I was with Elder "R" the Brazilian who was with me in the trio to start the change. We were in his sector and it was a day of Miracles. To start it all the night before I started preparing myself for the interchange with prayers and studies to prepare us to have a day of miracles. I made sure to have true intent and offered my whole self and energy and everything as an offering to have miracles happen. When the interchange came we made sure to work as hard as we could and we saw the results of our prayer.

We contacted EVERY PERSON that we could reach. In the whole day I think we contacted 25 or 26 people. We taught 3 investigators in 1 day, found 2 new investigators, and invited 2 people to be baptized in the lesson.

We contacted a 17 year old named Ian. The whole day I was making it my goal to contact people in different ways. As he was walking up I saw his shoes and thought they were cool so I decided to start the contact with that.

"Hey cool shoes man!" It sounded like one of the cheesiest contact starts ever. But we kept talking and started talking about God. He told us that he had heard  about God but hadn't really seen his existence in his life and was indifferent because of that. We both testified about our experiences coming to know if God existed and the spirit was really strong. He was super interested, accepted a book, and almost begged us to come to his house. It was really a miracle to be able to contact someone like that. The whole day we were laughing that our best contact of the day started with "Hey cool shoes man!"

In the interchange I really wanted to be a great example because Elder "R" is relatively new and has a ton of potential to be a great leader and great missionary. So I wanted to have every person that we contacted at least talk to us a little bit. As we tried to contact 2 teenagers that were walking by they were talking and hard core ignoring us. I was kinda desperate trying to get them to talk to us and was getting kind of frustrated. That's when I saw that one of them had a pack of cookies and that they were both kind of fliete. So loosing my tone of respect I pulled our my fliete and said "Hey kid, can I have a cookie" (It doesn't sound as fliete in English). They were both so shocked that they stopped walking, opened the pack of cookies and gave me one. I couldn't believe that it worked to get his attention and that he actually gave me a cookie! I tried to share the gospel with them but they still didn't want anything. But at least they stopped and gave me a cookie!

All in all it was an incredible interchange and we really took out the trash! :)

But after the good times always come the tough ones. In my own sector we had a Murphy's law day.

We had worked all morning without having a successful contact or finding anyone who was interested. As we went to lunch our lunch called us saying that they wouldn't be ready until 3:30 which was late but still withing our schedule because we had an appointment at 4:30. Then as we were walking to lunch he called and said he wouldn't be ready until 4 or 4:15 ish. So we just cancelled lunch with him because we couldn't go that late. Then we started walking towards the appointment and we called to make sure that everything was okay because a member was going to go with us. But the appointment canceled. We were pretty hungry and frustrated so we decided to call our other investigator who was going to come back from Santiago and when she answered she said that she wasn't going to get home until Sunday night and wasn't going to come to church. We were so tired and frustrated after that that we decide to go buy completos for lunch. We walked for 25 minutes to get to the nearest completo store and when we got there.... That's right... It was closed! At that point we died and had no desire to keep going with anything. In the end we went and did service with our convert who then gave us completos. It was a long day but we kept persevering and got a couple lessons in.

All in all this week has been a really tough mental and physical week. But we will keep working hard and trucking on.

We just need your prayers because the kid that got baptized still hasn't gotten confirmed. His mom has changed all of a sudden and doesn't want to support him or receive visits from us any more. It was a drastic change and we still don't know why but we need all the prayers that we can get so that he gets confirmed.

But that was basically the week!

Love you all! Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Week 101: A mixed week of random thoughts, activities, and funny moments

Buenos Dias a todos!

This week was a interesting week of a lot of everything. So Ill just get started :)

I just wanna start wishing my Grandma Platt a super awesome happy birthday! I love you so much and hope that your birthday is just incredible! :)
I love completos (hot dogs with tomato and avocado and mayonnaise and ketchup and mustard and hot sauce). I also love Choripanes (Little Chilean bread with sausages in them. So this week we decided to mix the two and make choripletos. We used the little sausages and little breads and added tomato, avocado, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce. They were super delicious! I ate like 13 and my comp ate like 4. But they were super duper good. I'm thinking one of my greatest inventions ha ha :)

Happy Marriage card:
I forgot to mention this story last week. Last week in interchanges with the assistants we did a ton of contacts and were in the street all day. At the end of the day I was pretty bored and we were walking through a street with a bunch of young couple making out. We walked by a couple that was making out on a bench and we kept walking. I decided to have a little fun so I asked who wanted to help me do a contact. The new assistant said that he was down. I pulled out a contacting card that says "How can I have a happy marriage?" and went up to the couple who was making out. I tapped them on the shoulder and presented myself and gave them the card. We then proceeded to testify about the power of marriage in their lives and the blessings that the Lord would give them. They didn't want anything but it was super hilarious!

He was sick and tired!
Well this week on Wednesday we had finished interchanges and were eating lunch in the apartment. My comp said that he was tired so he ate half of his lunch and then went to sleep. After our hour was up I woke him up and he said that he didn't feel good at all so he called the nurse and she told him to take a rest and to relax. As he slept he started shivering a lot and felt worse and worse and worse. I started getting worried so I took his temperature a couple times and it kept going up and up and up. At 9 he felt really sick and I took his temperature and it was at 104! I couldn't believe it so I took it again and again and every time it came out at 104! He couldn't talk legibly to me and he had 0 energy and was still shivering. Not gonna lie I thought he was going to die. In the end we called presidents wife and she gave us permission to go to a hospital. The bishop was awesome and took us to the clinic and we got there at like 10 at night. Then president showed up with his wife and they stayed with us. While my comp was in doing his tests I was just talking and hanging out with the president's wife and it was super fun ha ha. We talked about a ton of stuff, played Mormon memory, and had a good time. She brought me a doctor pepper to keep me happy and it was awesome. Finally my comp came out. He had a bad fever, bronchitis, and the starting of Pneumonia (probably because the other day we were working in the pouring rain without umbrellas or raincoats). At 3 in the morning we finally got back to the apartment and he went to sleep. For the next 3 days he slept basically non stop while I cleaned the apartment, did informes, watched church videos, lifted weights, called the missionaries, etc. It was nice to rest but in the end I got really bored. But now he is feeling a lot better and everything is good.

Probably the best part of it all was the day after going to the hospital, President's wife brought us a ton of groceries with stuff that normally we are too poor to buy ahhh (Gatorade, Powerade, nutella, peanut butter, manjar, grilled chicken, french fries, cereal, yogurt, vegetables, fruit). She spoiled us so much.

That was basically our week! We still have to get "D" confirmed and we are trying to get our investigator "Y" to go to church this weekend so she can get baptized before I go home! :)

I love you all! Stay golden!

Elder Nielson :)

FHE with the investigators

Zoning it!
Our new invention Choripletos Delish!!