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Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 89: Thats not fair! They've got rocks! All we've got are stinking machine guns! (Duddly Do Right)

Hola Buenos Dias a Todos!
This week was a good week! We worked and taught and ran down hills in the pitch black to avoid bad guys with rocks and talked to our families on Sunday! What a great week!
Our investigators are pretty good! "K" has plans to get baptized this Sunday! We have to verify how her commitments to live the commandments are going and if all is well she will get baptized this Sunday!! :) "E" has all the lessons so we are going to keep preparing him to stay active and he has plans to be baptized on the 22 of May! :) If you could pray that  "S"goes to church. She is 14 and is nervous to go to church because kids in school are already making fun of her for listening to the Mormon missionaries, but I know if she meets the young women that she will be happy and have good friends.
This week we had an instance when we were guided by the holy ghost and protected just like Samuel the Lamanite.

We were walking in a street at night that was dark. As we continued walking we heard someone yell "Hey, there they are!" I got kind of worried but imagined that they were talking about someone else. All of a sudden we hear a couple of people following us and yelling at us. I imagined that they were probably drunk so we just kept walking and didn't listen to what they were saying. All of a sudden the people behind us started running and I heard rocks whizzing by my head and hitting the street near us. We started walking really fast and turned a corner and started running like crazy. We ran down a muddy dirt trail down a hill in the pitch black. I don't know how we didn't die running or falling in a creek or anything, but we made it to the bottom and the people didn't follow us and stopped throwing rocks at us! I know that we were protected and that nothing can happen to us while we are obedient and work hard in the work of the lord.
Talking to my family this week was awesome! It was great to see them and hear their voices. It was crazy to listen to my sister talk because she sounds so much older! I have only been gone a year and 9 months and she already sounds more grown up ha ha :)
That was my week!
I love you all!
Stay Golden! :)
Elder Nielson :)

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