Vina Del Mar, Chile

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 90: Baptism!!!!!

Buenos Dias a Todos!

This was a great week full of excitement, adrenaline, bad singing, and baptisms!!

On Sunday we had a BAPTISM! We baptized "K" who is the mom of the little boys that got baptized last month. She has made so many changes in her life and she was so happy! It was a great baptism because her kids, her mom, and her sister (our investigator who is 14 that hasn't gone to church before) went to all of church to be there for her baptism. John, a recent convert who got baptized in February (right before I got to this sector) baptized her and that was also a great experience.

Our investigator "S", the little sister of the lady who got baptized, loved church and young women's. This week we went to her house with one of the counselors of the young women's who is 24 and single who is still really perky and she helped "S" get excited to go to mutual and to church. On Friday "S" went to mutual and loved it and on Sunday went to church on Sunday and loved it as well! She loved the baptism and is super excited to get baptized and to go to church now.

"E" our investigator that hopefully will get baptized this weekend has his interview this week and we will see if he can get baptized this weekend! It will be a series of 3 weeks of baptizing! :)

This week in church it was reaffirmed that I am a horrible singer. Every time we were singing a hymn I would look and my companion and he would be snickering. Wondering what was funny I would look around and see at least 5 people looking at me while I was singing! When I made eye contact with all of them they would look down and keep singing. This happened more than 10 times (because we sang 4 hymns in sacrament meeting). So it is official, even in Spanish I am a bad singer. Another moment was when we were in a taxi going to the center when a song came on in English. (I'm on the hunt I'm after you, and I'm hungry like the wolf) I started singing along quietly to the song. The moment I started singing the lady next to me stopped the taxi and got out saying "Actually this is where I want to get off". I don't know if it is coincidence or if it was my singing, but based on what happened at church I think it is my singing.

This week was a week of close calls. Again while we were walking on a different street at night somebody threw rocks at us or shot a BB Gun at us. We aren't sure but we were walking and there was a tin fence next to us when in the distance we hear some people talking and laughing when all of a sudden we hear the sound of rocks or metal hitting the tin fence right next to us. We ran booking it for a good 7 minutes until we got to the house.

We also had a scary experience when someone was trying to jump us. Without details a lady was trying to make us walk slow and stop to talk while 2 cars were following us. When we didn't fall in the trap and started running she said "Be careful/Watch out, someone is coming!" It was super scary but nothing happened because a bus came just in time and we got on the bus and nobody saw us get on the bus. Anyways we now have to enter the apartment an hour early every night to be careful.

This week the little girl that got baptized last month said one of the funniest prayers that I think I have heard. She had a sore throat and her mom didn't want her to say the prayer but she begged and begged so she said it. She said something along the lines of
"God, please bless my throat so that it gets better................... Actually I take that back, I dont want to go to school tomorrow so don't make me get better until Saturday or Sunday so that I can go to church."  It was so funny that everyone was trying not to laugh during the prayer. When the prayer ended we all died laughing!

This week we had interchanges and I was with an Elder that is from Brazil. In the nighttime we were cleaning the apartment because we have interviews with president this week. While we were cleaning we found a box of clothes and starting going through it and you will never guess what I found! I found a pair of skinny jeans that fit me perfectly! After trying them on we finished cleaning and I decide that I am all set to have an activity in street clothes so that I can use my skinny jeans :)
All in all that was my week!
I love you all! Stay Golden!
Elder Nielson :)

"K"'s Baptism

My found Treasure SKINNY Jeans! Oh Yeah!

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