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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week 87: A "Crappy" week

Hola Buenos Dias a Todos!

This week was a good but "Crappy" week with working, teaching, and going on with the mission work.

Well we had changes this last week and I wasn't changed and neither was my companion. Elder D and  I are going to keep working together as zone leaders here in Valpara√≠so Oeste Edwards "A" We had a couple of changes in the zone, but for the most part everything stayed the same.

This week we are working to be able to help people be baptized in May. In order to achieve that in the zone we had a week of challenges called "April Showers bring May Flowers" in which we gave challenges of things to do in the week of April to achieve baptisms in May. It was pretty cool and we saw a big increase in work ethic.

This week we have been working with a good number of investigators. "K", the mom of the kids who were baptized, is getting ready to be baptized on the 15th of May. She has to stop smoking and then she will be ready to be baptized. We have been working a little bit with her other little sister
'S" who is 14 and this week we will be working with her and young women. We have also been working with "E" and his younger brother "A". They are pretty good and we are sure that with the help of the ward that they will be able to progress and be baptized. We are also working with a couple that isn't married but have a little girl. They went to church last week but this last Sunday they didn't go. We will keep working with them. We are sure that "G and S" will get married and will get baptized :)

This week we also had Mission Leadership Counsel. It was really good. We got to see our other zone leader friends and have a great meeting with president. He talked a lot about Unity and the scriptures. Our mission president loves the scriptures and always teaches us about the details that many people miss that make the scriptures more interesting. Like when we were reading Acts he showed us that Pablo was only 1.5 metros (4 and a half feet tall) and there was a sister who was there who was that small. It was incredible to see how small he was and then read what he taught with so much power. It was a great meeting and on Tuesday we will be presenting it to the zone :)

This week was kind of a "crappy" week ;) Why do I say that? Well while we were walking home from a lesson with "K" we were walking on a dirt path that isn't lit up. Normally it is a little bit difficult to follow the trail, but it had just rained and was muddy so it was really hard to walk.As we were walking I saw a sand bag that was placed so that the rain would follow a certain path. Knowing that I imagined a little stream next to the sand bag so I decided to step on the sand bag instead of stepping by it. The second I stepped on the wet sandbag I slipped and fell and squealed like a little girl. Laying on the ground I was pretty embarrassed when all of a sudden the strong smell of dog crap comes floating towards my nose.... When I got up I saw and smelled the bad news... In the dark I had stepped on dog poop and when I stepped on the sand bag it made me slip... and got ALL OVER MY PANTS...AND MY ARM...AND MY HAND!!!! It was so gross! We had to walk home for 15 minutes and I was covered in crap! When we got home I had to take my pants off outside and my comp brought me water and soap, but wouldn't let me in the house until I washed my arm and hand off! It was super gross... but now it is kind of funny. But that was my crappy week:)

On Mothers day we are going to go to a members house at 4 in the afternoon Chilean time. My comp is planning on calling first so I would be calling at about 5 Chilean time. But if you guys could be ready for anything between 4 and 5 Chilean time that would be awesome. Remember to have questions, stories, and comments ready so that we can take advantage of the time :)

Well that was my week! I love you all! Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)

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