Vina Del Mar, Chile

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 86: A pure heart, clean hands, and CLEAN CLOTHES :)

This week was a looong rainy week full of miracles, clean clothes, and lots of work.

This week starting on Wednesday it started raining like crazy! With all the hills our sector was full of urban waterfalls and water slides. It was very interesting because the higher parts of the hills are poorer and don't have cement streets so all the water coming down the streets is brown and maroon for the dirt and clay. The streets are full of mud, in some places up to a foot of mud. It has been interesting to work because there aren't many people in the street to contact and there aren't many people who open their doors because they are all sleeping ha ha. But this week was a week of miracles.

On Tuesday in the nighttime we were walking and it was time to go to the apartment but I saw a man walking in the street and he looked really mean and cranky so I thought
"Im going to contact him. But I have to start the contact from here (20 feet away) so that he cant just walk by"

So I yelled out "Hey friend! Hows it going?"
He looked up and started walking towards us a little bit so I started walking towards him. I shook his hand and straight up bore my testimony about the power of the gospel to help families be strong and overcome the trials of the world.

Instead of being cranky he was really friendly and receptive. He only works in the night and said that we could pass by every day to teach him. He said he works as a night desk guard in a condominium so he has all night to read. We gave him a Book of Mormon, got his information and left super excited.
Anyways, the next day we went to look for his house and couldn't find it. Saddened we continued on with the day. In the night time we were close by where his house was because we were looking for someone else who lived close by when all of a sudden he comes walking down the street. We talked to him and got his phone number to call him. He walked with us and we found out something special.
We were walking and he said the words
"I'm Married, I lived with someone for 10 years but last year we got married." When he said this the sun came out and the clouds parted and the angels started singing Hallelujah! Well actually he just said he was married... The sun and angels weren't there... but it felt that way.
Pure miracles with him. But we need another miracle because his phone has been off and we still can't find his house. The moment we find his house we will have two more people to be baptized and to contribute to the church of Jesus Christ. Please pray that we can find him! :)
This Sunday we had the confirmation of the 3 kids. It was super awesome and made me feel good. It was a great day of church because even though it was pouring 2 of our investigators , "G" and "S" came to church! They are awesome and super friendly. They don't have a baptismal date because they have to get married so this week we are going to teach with power and authority and teach them that they need to get married and invite them to do it so that they can be baptized. But they came to church while it was raining which shows real compromise. Because in Chile if it rains almost everything shuts down. Chileans are scared of getting a cold because if they get a cold they don't go to work  (basically like a man cold except a Chilean cold) so they don't do anything if it is raining. That is why it was awesome that they came to church! I am pretty sure that we can get them baptized in May or June :)
This week was also a great week because we had clean clothes!!!!! We don't have anyone who washes our clothes (The system set up in our mission) because we don't have anything to wash the clothes with. Anyways for 2 weeks we didn't have anyone to wash our clothes and we washed our clothes in the shower. But this week we found a sister who is willing to wash our clothes. It made life so much happier ha ha :)
That was about my week! This week we have changes. I don't think I will be changed and I don't think that my companion will be changed either. We will see what happens!
I love you all! Stay Golden!
Elder Nielson :)

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