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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 83: What did one stomach say to the other?!

Buenos Dias a todos!
This week was a good week! It had its ups and downs like always, but hey that's what life is about  :)
This week we worked hard and were preparing our investigators K, her kids, and her little sister to get baptized. Everything went well this week until she got sick and didn't go to church. If she was really sick I would have been okay with it, but her sickness was "A stuffy nose"...
But they are doing good I am pretty sure they will be baptized on the 10th of April. But the great news is the progress in the zone for the SUPER BAPTISM!
After Sunday we have 10 people who have plans to get baptized in our super baptism! (That is a lot of people for a zone to baptize in one month) and we had 18 people who have gone to church enough times to be able to be baptized on the 10th and 2 who have baptismal dates for later on. 20 Baptisms in 1 month would be a record! Think of 20 people making promises with God all together! How great would be our Joy! :)
This week my companion and I bought a pizza from a new place that was really cheap to see how it was. When we got to the apartment we opened it up and almost laughed. It was a pizza, but the crust was so thin that it was crunchy, so basically it was a HUGE tostada :) We ate it and I liked it. After eating and planning and calls we went to the bedroom to say our prayers before going to bed and all of a sudden my stomach growled super loudly! It was so funny that even though we were praying we started giggling a little but when all of a sudden my companions stomach growled just as loud. We started giggling even harder and then my stomach growled back again! Long story short our stomachs took turns growling at each other for a good 10 minutes!!! It was so hilarious! After the prayers we asked each other what we thought our stomachs were saying to each other ha ha :)
This week I had interchanges in Quebrada Verde (My old sector where I was before Coquimbo) It was super cool to see members, and some converts. The sad part was when we went to my converts house they weren't reading the Book of Mormon or going to church. I wanted to cry. We shared a really powerful lesson with them and they promised that they were going to go to church and read... but this last Sunday they didn't go to church... It really is such a sad experience to learn that your converts stopped progressing in the path that they started.
This week we had zone conferences and as part of the zone conference my companion and I had to give a capacitation. We talked about some new scriptures that had been found in Valparaíso and decided to read to see what they said about the history of the missionaries in that area. We opened it up to the Book of Excuses Chapter 2 Verses 1-11. (We made a list of the top 11 excuses that we heard about why the investigators weren't progressing or ready to be baptized) It was awesome. We then taught about how if we follow the advice of Preach My Gospel all of the Excuses will disappear and we will have success and baptisms. I thought it was pretty clever :)
That was basically this week. I hope that all of you can prepare for general conference with questions and guidance that you need in your life to see if the prophet is a prophet of God or just a good man. I testify as a representative of Jesus Christ that if you take questions doubts or guidance problems to the conference looking for the answer that you will be answered and you wont be able to deny that God has called a Prophet to be on the earth today to guide us and help us achieve eternal life.
I love you all! Stay Golden!
Elder Nielson :)

Tostada Pizza

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