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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Week 84: General Conference

Buenos Dias a Todos!

This week was definitely a week of success for us! We taught lots of lessons, had some spiritual experiences, included ward leaders in the lessons, and watched General Conference.

I'm going to start with the Investigators. We have 3 kids who are going to be baptized this Sunday! Our investigator K wants to fix some things in her life before getting baptized but her sons and her little sister are going to get baptized this Sunday as part of the Super Baptism! Then the week after that (The 17th) we have an Investigator named E who is progressing very well and is super excited for his baptism on the 17th. We have been blessed with the ability to teach them enough to prepare them for their chosen baptismal dates. We are very excited to see things happening in our sector.

The super baptism has had its difficulties but we are still going forward! We have 6 people so for sure are going to be baptized that day and we have 2 more who could be baptized that day. It was kind of sad that the number of people who were going to participate has gone down. In the beginning we were hoping for about 12 but 6 is still a good number. We believe that this month we are going to be able to help the zone help all their investigators be baptized which would be about 15. It would be so cool to see every pair of missionaries being able to participate in the joy of baptizing people and families.

This week we had a great lesson with a couple that are living together but aren't married but are very receptive and friendly. We had left them with a Book of Mormon to read and pray. When we came the girlfriend had read but her partner hadn't. When we began to ask her about it she could answer a little bit and it made her partner excited about reading it. We then had a super spiritual moment when they read first Nefi 3 together about how Laman and Lemuel complained about the assignment that they received but that Nefi trusted that his Father had received revelation and followed immediately. We explained that they could be like Nefi if they read and asked God if the book was true, because then they could trust that the things they were teaching were true and they could participate in the blessings that Nefi received as well. It was awesome because they understood very well and want to know now.

It is becoming winter so it is getting a little bit colder but with the hills we still don't have to use jackets because we are always so hot from climbing up and down the hills :)

This General Conference was awesome. I have learned so much about how to change my life, what to get better at, how to help my future family, and of course how to help my investigators. Conference really is inspired. I entered conference with 5 questions and they were all answered. Our investigators went with doubts or confusions and all the doubts were answered, all the confusions cleared up.

I really recognized the themes of being humble and having charity. On my mission I have really focused on becoming like Christ and trying to change my attributes and develop Christlike ones. Every month and a half I choose 2 new attributes to work on and these couple of months were exactly humility and charity. It was incredible to receive guidance from the Prophets and apostles to help me become more like Christ. I also noticed lots about working together as a family to protect the family. The fathers by living worthy of the priesthood, the mothers by following leaders and teaching children and having family counsel, and the children by obeying and taking part in there duties even though they are young. Also they talked a lot about following and recognizing that the prophet is the only person called of God to guide the people and his word is the word of God. I learned that in the world people even members believe that the prophet gives us advice, not the word of God. That the family isn't all that important for the world, and that we can throw it away at any time. All of those topics have been huge stumbling blocks in the mission work here. I know that we have a prophet of God that teaches us Gods way to reach eternal life and that we must follow him and that there is NO OTHER WAY than Gods way. I loved the conference and I am so glad that you enjoyed it as well :)

I really enjoyed M. Russel Ballard's talk about Family Counsel. I have seen how my parents put all of his 4 kinds of counsel in practice. I have put in practice that kind of counsel in the zone as well. It was amazing to see how a small amount of time with a small amount of people can solve so many problems if we do it at the right time.

I loved elder Hollands talk to end. He always gives talks of power and authority and it always inspires me to testify like he does.

All in all it was a great week!

I love you all! Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson

Saw a convert from last time I served in Valpraiso. It was great to see him!!!

Valpraiso Skyline

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