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Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 53: Happy Birthday to me! And Ghetto Basketball :)

Buenos Dias! 

This week was a good week! Lots of walking, talking, and sweating! The heat has started and so has the application of sunscreen!

This week I got to know my comp a little bit better and his history, and holy wow it is super crazy! He had a crazy past life and made me realised how sheltered I really was ha ha :) But it is always interesting to see how people can change their lives :) 

This week we had English class! English class is pretty good! We have 10 students, all less actives and recent converts, but it is still good :) We have a competition with the sisters in our ward because they are teaching Portuguese classes and we are always trying to have more students than them, and as of now we have 10 and they have 1, so we are winning by a little bit ;) But the spirit is strong even when we cant communicate very well with people. We taught everyone how to bare their testimonies in Spanish and English, and even though they couldn't speak very well we could all feel the spirit :)

But before English class we were waiting for people to show up and wanted to play basketball. We didn't have a basketball with us so we made one out of a sack full of trash and a rock, and the sad thing is I played the best basketball I have ever played in my life. I don't think I missed a shot! Now we know that if I want to win I just have to bring a sketchy garbage bag with rock basketball :) It was a fun moment :)

This week we had a good lesson with some investigators, but they all have something pretty big preventing them from being baptised. They are progressing and doing what we tell them to do, but it will take some miracles for them to be able to overcome their challenges. 

This week I finished a year in the mission! Crazy right? Ha ha I didn't really do anything to celebrate. I made myself some oatmeal with yogurt and put a candle in it ha ha. Nothing too big, but it doesn't feel like a year has already passed by! The time just flies by :) 

This week I had a small spiritual experience that I loved. It was nothing big, but I love being guided by the spirit, it is probably my favorite thing in the mission. We were having a lesson with an inactive and we were talking about the importance of praying. We were about to finish the lesson but I had a prompting to ask a simple question. When I did the inactive shared an incredible experience that he had had the first time that he prayed and it really invited the spirit into the lesson. It also helped him realize that he knew that we receive blessings by praying and that it isn't just something that the missionaries were saying. I loved that moment because it was something so simple, but the spirit knew that it would make a big difference in the lesson :) Always follow the spirit and you will NEVER fail :)

Pablo is doing good and so is the G Family. It is great to see them progressing. It is kind of sad that the G Family cant progress to be sealed in the temple because the dad doesn't want to go to church, but we are working with them doing all that we can to help him receive the blessings as a family :)

That was basically my week! I hope that everyone of you has a great week and can make an effort to follow the spirit more this week to see if it makes a difference.

I love you all!ª Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)
One Year Anniversary Oatmeal

The District

Feeling better Selfie

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