Vina Del Mar, Chile

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 50: Baptism!! Trash Bags!

Buenos Dias!

This week was a cold rainy week! But it ended with a baptism which made it all better! :)

This weekend Pablo got baptised! It was a great baptism and the spirit was super strong. In the end when Pablo bore his testimony about the book of Mormon and feeling the spirit while he read the spirit was stronger than ever. Not only was it spiritual but also funny :) When P was getting baptised his arm (elbow) was sticking out of the water and he wasn't putting it down, so my companion basically pile drove him so that he went all the way under the water. Right afterwards everyone started laughing. But at the same time the spirit was there so it was a good mix :)

This week I had interchanges with my zone leaders. At the end of Interchanges your leaders always make goals with you to help you get better and to improve something. In the end of the interchange I received what could possibly be the hardest goal I have had... To not use "Po." The Chileans after lots of words or answers say "Po" like if you asked them if they liked lunch they don't say "Si (Yes)" they say "Si po". Anyways because I am in a sector that is pretty poor and flaite they say "Po" all the time and I have started saying it, and I cant stop. Supposedly as missionaries we shouldn't use po, but i cant stop saying it. So my goal is to stop using "Po."

This week it has rained hard all week which made the mission work hard, cold, and wet. Because My raincoat got robbed I decided to make my own raincoat out of trash bags. It was pretty sweet, I Cut it and sealed it with the iron and even made a hood. I used it for a day, but then I decided it wasn't worth it. But then I found out that my big coat is waterproof, so we are all good :) But the storm has been so strong that some peoples houses got blown off. We were walking down the street and the 3rd story of someones house got blown off and it landed in the street. Luckily we got there after it had already happened, but it has been a crazy storm. 

This week we had English class and it was awesome and hilarious. There are some gringos that live in our sector that can barely speak Spanish even though they have lived here for a year. We teach them Spanish at the same time that we teach some people English. It is great because they can practice together and the class is fun, but the gringos are kind of weird and have no shame so they say the funniest things and we always die laughing. 

My comp is awesome. We laugh and make jokes in the street, in the apartment, and we get along really well.  :) 

That was my week! I have tons of pictures to send, but when I went to plug in my camera I realized I left the cord in the apartment, so I will have to send them all next week! 

But I love you all! Stay golden!

Elder Nielson :)

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