Vina Del Mar, Chile

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 54: Street Soccer=Street Contacts

Buenos Dias!!

This week was a great week full of miracles and success!

Last Monday after email we left and there was a fight in the street right in front of us. It just started and was getting pretty heated but luckily one of the guys just walked away and left. After that we went and played 500 with the Frisbee. It was fun but there weren't many of us so it ended pretty quickly. 

But this week we tried a different manner of contacting. Street soccer. One day we were close to the church and had to go to the bathroom. We decided to go to the bathroom in the church and when we came out there were some kids playing soccer on the soccer court. We started playing with them and after about 5 minutes we had a total of like 5 kids. We then decided to make a deal with them. The missionaries and 1 of the kids against 4 of the kids. If the missionaries won the kids had to come to church on Sunday. If the kids won the missionaries would make them completos. They agreed and we started playing. And the kids scored the first goal (first one to five) So we turned up our game and ended up beating them 5 to 2 :) They all agreed to come to church. We finished and started talking to the 2 oldest ones (15 and 12) and made an appointment with them. On Friday we had the appointment and they are awesome. We invited both of them to be baptized and they accepted. On Sunday we were waiting for them and neither of them showed up which was kind of sad. Until right after the sacrament the 15 year old showed up and loved church. After church he accompanied us to all of our visits and wants to be a missionary. He has plans to be baptised on the 20th! :) Street soccer lead us to a baptism :)

This week we had interchanges and I went to the other sector with Elder M from Brazil :) We taught, contacted, and enjoyed ourselves. In the nighttime we had a disco party! We blasted EFY music with the lights off while Elder M used his laser pointer with fancy tips to make a light show. It was short because we didn't have tons of time, but it was fun while it lasted :)

This Friday we had a very successful day! We found 4 new investigators and gave out 3 Books of Mormon. We found a 10 year old and his mom. They are going to read the Book of Mormon and ask if it is true. If it is true they accepted to be baptised! The funny thing is we found them by playing soccer with the little boy in the street. Maybe we are going to start playing soccer in the street more often ;)

So this week I had fun mixing work with play and having success from that :)

This Wednesday we have changes so we will see what happens. I don't think me or my companion is going to be changed, but you never know! :)

I love you all, stay golden!

Elder Nielson :)
Saw my trainee at a meeting

Me at the edge of the world

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