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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 57: Imaginary Friend Probs #They wont answer me!

Buenos Dias!

This week was an interesting week! After a few more mini earthquakes we are now roofless, but I am happy :) Son bromas, son bromas. Just kidding our apartment is fine, but I really am happy :)

This week we have been experiencing what are called replicas or mini earthquakes that come after a big earthquake that range from so small that you wouldn't know if you weren't paying attention, to so big that the house is shaking and we have doubts if we are going to experience another earthquake or not. But I know we are protected by the lord so we are safe :)

Last Monday we went to a thing called the Pampilla, which is like a fair where people sell things. But we went to Remate which is the last day so everything is cheaper :) I bought myself a soccer jersey, some fliete pants, and some sweet RayBan's and Oakley sunglasses :) It was fun, and now with my soccer jersey and fleite pants I look like a typical Chilean fleite or choro. 

This week Wacky Wednesday and Funday Sunday were huge successes!!! Probably the best success I have seen in a zone :) On wacky Wednesday we called the elders and asked them how many girls they have kissed. If it was a high number, they had to do that many contacts, if it was a low number they had to give out that many Books of Mormon. Lets just Say I thought I was going to be one of the highest after having kissed 6 girls, but boy was I wrong. I think I had the seconds lowest, after many people having a list of more than 30 and some elders having kissed multiple girls at the same time. But it was hilarious and everyone was excited to participate and to not kiss as many girls when they get home ;) And to the sisters we asked them how many drunks had tried to kiss them in the mission and they had to give out that many books. Some sisters had to give out 15 books ha ha :) And then on funday Sunday we challenged everyone to do 20 contacts but to make every single one laugh before the contact ended. Only 2 companionship's had 100 percent laugh rate (We were one ;)) but everyone had a lot of success in that. On those days we have found more investigators, invited more people to be baptized, and more people to progress than in any other day :) I really believe these days were revelation :)

This week we had interviews with President Diaz in our apartment. After many hours of cleaning and quick clean up (Imagine the best 2 years when they have to clean up quickly, that was us ha ha). The interviews were quick but good. President Diaz wants us to teach in every opportunity that we can, and to be happy while doing it (I think funday Sunday and wacky Wednesday will help :)). I asked for permission to start doing The workout video "insanity" and I got permission :) 

This week we started doing Insanity to get our "BEACH BODY" (Its a rule that you have to yell it like a man) and it is so hard! We are so out of shape that the first time we did it we only made it through the warm ups before calling it quits. Then the second day we made it through 10 minutes (of the 22). In like a month we are going to be skinny, buff, and have our "BEACH BODY."

While we were talking about how to improve our relationship in the companionship (Something we do every week even though we are total bros) we didn't know what to do to make it better, so we decided to do "Friday night pizza night!" So starting now every Friday we are going to order pizza for the apartment :) It should be pretty awesome :)

This week we had probably one of the funniest things ever happen to us. We went to a less active members house and her mom answered the door. Her mom is pretty old and we asked her if her daughter was home. She told us to wait a second and she would ask. She went inside for a couple seconds and said. "I don't know if she is here, they didn't answer me. There are only a few people here, but you can ask them if they know where she is." So we walked to the door and looked inside and the house was completely empty. The old lady walked towards the table (Where no one was) and said "Is L here?" Me and my companion looked at each other slightly confused, and slightly trying not to laugh. Then she turned to us and kinda frustrated said "See! They aren't answering me! Maybe you can get the answer out of them." Ha ha we decided that talking to an empty table wasn't for us so we decided to pass by another day. It was so hilarious to see how sincere the lady was and frustrated that the people wouldn't answer us, even though there wasn't anyone and that she was crazy ha ha :) I guess sometimes we even have problems with our imaginary friends ;)

This week we had an investigator named C come to church. It is his second time and his mom is a less active. Church was the best thing for him. He met some friends, felt comfortable, felt the spirit, and felt the importance of going. It was the best thing to help him progress. He is going to get baptized on the 10th of October :) We have some other investigators but none of them fulfilled the promise of going to church.

The kid named K who was going to get baptized in my last sector got baptized!! It is good to know that I helped him take that step in his life :)

This week I was on Interchanges with a district leader who was kind of discouraged in his sector and said that the people were hard and not loving. We did some great contacts and met some really receptive families! We did a contact and a lady gave me a statue of the final supper, and we ran into some people from the south who after seeing us climb a hill bought us some soda and some treats and then took a picture with us. After the interchange he was encouraged again and realised that blessings come with hard work :) I learned the importance of being humble, but at the same time having some confidence in yourself to be able to do what God wants us to do :) 

I really am so happy :) I have never been more happy in the mission. My comp is awesome, my ward is awesome, My mission president is awesome, I am working and am confident in my work, I feel the spirit guiding, and I feel like I am helping the mission progress. After talking to my comp and my other leaders I haven't met anyone who had a year as difficult as my first year, but I know that it was for my good and so that I could help elders going through the same situation. But this next year is going to be the bomb :)

I love you all! Stay golden!

Elder Nielson :)
View from my apartment

Elder Nielson the Fliete

Guys who bought us treats

My Bad!!!

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