Vina Del Mar, Chile

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 58: Not enough Time! Better letter next week!

Buenos Dias a todos! :)

This week was a really good week with a lot of things that happened, so it really just flew by!

This week we had a moment of reversed roles ha ha. Usually the investigators try to hide from us while we look for them. But while on the way home we were a little bit late and didn't have time to talk when all of a sudden we saw an investigator that always talks a ton. So we switched roles and this time the missionaries hid from the investigator. Running in "Stealth Mode" we skirted by hiding behind a truck and ducking and maneuvering in a way that would make the PDI Jealous (Chile's Version of the FBI). We had a good laugh thinking about the reversed roles.

This week we had something called Consejo (Council) which is where all the zone leaders have a meeting with president and learn and give advice and talk about how the zone is doing. It was super awesome and the spirit was so strong. Presidents wife gave a training on the fact that we are called of God to be in this zone and showed a video of President Eyring baring his testimony about that. The spirit was super strong and I know that I am in the place God wants me to be.

Thanks a ton for the card and the John Bytheway talk! I love it and am jamming out to it every morning :)

This week We had miracles during conference. We had 10 people who had promised to come to church to watch conference. In the afternoon of the Sunday session none of them had showed up yet. My companion and I were disappointed but we started praying a ton. After the session we went to see if anyone showed up and our two investigators with fechas (dates) came to church and our prayers were answered.

This week I don't have lots of time to write because I had to do alot of paper work, but next week I will write a lot more and let you know whats up. But make sure to ponderize every week! :)

I love you tons!

Elder Nielson :)

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