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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 60: Firepits and Prank Calls

Buenos Dias!!

This week was a pretty standard week with spiritual lessons, and progressing investigators, but also with a lot of heart break and unique trials.

This week we had a very tough beginning. On Monday O invited us over with the bishop and told us he didn't want to get baptized and that he didn't want us to say anything. After listening to him and ending with a prayer (Pulling an other side of heaven teach in the prayer tactic) We left. Since then he still doesn't want anything, so he didn't get baptized. It was heartbreaking, but maybe it just isn't his time.

This week we had wacky Wednesday and it was raining  hard so we read part of the story of Noah and the Flood and told everyone that the flood was going to occur starting next month and that we had to invite everyone we could to get baptized this month. We had a decent amount  of success with that one. More to come in the future. 

This week we had great Interchanges and I was with Elder V (Elder Darth V). It was a great interchange because he is still in his first change in the mission. He is a great missionary and wants to be obedient and have lots of success. He speaks Spanish really well. The only problem is he is having trials with his trainer because they have different visions of the mission and the new missionary has higher vision of obedience and work. But we are helping them out with that. We had an insanely spiritual lesson with an inactive member and we were really guided in the lesson by the spirit. The Lesson was exactly what he needed and he even told us that. And that the lesson is what he had been worrying about for a couple days. He made the commitment to come to church, and on Sunday, he actually came. It was a great moment in the interchange.

This week we had miracles happen every day like it says in my  ponderize scripture (Alma 37:40) when we had all of our appointments fall we ended up running into some ex investigators and having a good lesson and inviting them to be baptized. I know that because we were diligent and didn't give up that we were blessed with this small tender mercy miracle.

It really was such a spiritually powerful week and I am so grateful for the blessings the lord gave us. But it was also one of the funniest weeks of my mission. I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long time. 

Fire pits:
One morning we were studying and I was sitting there reading the scriptures when my armpits started feeling really hot. As I kept studying and trying to ignore it they kept getting hotter and hotter. When they felt like there was a lit match in my armpits I ran to the bathroom and ripped off my shirt to see what was up. And as I was watching my armpits were turning red and burning like crazy! I had no idea why so I washed them off with water and walked out with my arms up to air them out. When my companion turned around and I was walking around shirtless with my hands in the air he was really confused. Then when he saw my pits he did what any good companion would do... he pulled out his camera, took some pictures, and then made a video. I looked so silly and just didn't know what to do. But eventually the pain went away. The nurse said it was probably a chemical reaction between my soap and deodorant... but I don't know.

Prank Call:
On the day that O told us he didn't want to be baptized some other things went wrong so we were kinda bummed. All of a sudden our district leader called us and asked us a normal question. Instead of answering his question I started a fake conversation and  started freaking out

"Your investigators isn't going to get baptized this week? Why Not? What happened? Oh No, I cant believe that that happened. ETC"

While I was saying that he was really confused but then they caught on. While I was talking my comp starting freaking out and started praying right away that the  lady would get baptized!

Afterwords I told him that it was a prank and he died! I started laughing so hard and he was kinda upset with me but it ended up being funny.

I am out of time :(  But I will relate the other stories next week!

I love you all so much!

Stay Golden,

Elder Nielson

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