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Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 59: Its raining Miracles, hallelujah its raining miracles!

Hola Buenos Dias Todas!!!

This week was a great week! So great that I was thinking about writing my whole letter in Spanish and seeing how well google translate let you guys know what I was up to, but then I decided that wouldn't work so i will write it in English!

To start I will start with the funny moments :)

Lentes (Glasses):
I don't know if I have mentioned this before but awhile ago I bought some hipster glasses that have plastic lenses. Every once and awhile I wear them, especially if it is sunny  because the provide a little bit of protection so that my eyes don't get burned. Anyways I wore my Glasses to church and I was there standing waiting for someone. While I was waiting a girl came up to me, told me I look cute in glasses, hugged me, and then tried to hold my  hand. It probably would have been an awesome experience if I didn't have to break the heart of this little 5 year old girl. Yeah I somehow manage to win all the little girls here in Chile. "E" always runs up and hugs my leg and tells me I look cute ha ha. She is so precious :)

Punny Day:
This week I was on interchanges with an elder who is in his first change in the mission. He is from Spain and he is awesome because his name is elder Pan which  means (Elder Bread). Anyways we were working in his sector and I was just so punny all day! I could not stop saying them, they just naturally happened. Like we were talking to a guy who said he has some animals at his house. I asked him what kinds and  he told me tons, but one of them was ducks. I told him that I love holding ducks and would totally love to go to his house to hold a duck (And baptise him). But then he said that the ducks bite so it would be bad. I then asked if that meant it was a bad duck (Pato malo) Because a bad duck also means a dilinquent (a kid who behaves badly and robs and smokes weed). We all died laughing and we went on our way. Then in the night a lady was complaining about her dog that ate some tin and was having stomach problems. Lata means tin in Spanish but "Que lata" means what a nuisance. So she said "El está teniendo tantas problemas porque comió la lata" (He is having a ton of problems because he ate the tin) and my companion was about to start sympathizing with her when I just blurted out "Que lata" (How frustrating). I don't know if that made any sense. But in Spanish it was hilarious and we all died laughing again :)

This last month we have had tons of mini earthquakes that make the house shake or the ground shake. It is pretty trippy  but exciting at the same time. The worst one was when I was in the shower and one started and got pretty strong. By the time I resigned myself to run out into the street naked, it finally stopped and I was saved the embarrassment.

This week was really a week of miracles because of fasting, praying, and working! This week we had an investigator come to church, we had a baptism, and we had a guy who has refused to get baptised for 7 months decide to get baptised.

While on interchanges with Elder Pan we worked really hard an invited someone to be baptized and they accepted. When I called my companion to let him know he was freaking out and said that our investigator who has refused to get baptized forever (The bishops dad) accepted a baptismal date! We screamed together and celebrated over the phone :) Then on Sunday we  had our other investigator that has a baptismal date come to church and she participated a ton! She stayed and watched the baptism and she could possibly get baptised this next Sunday! The bishops dad is getting baptised this Saturday and the lady could get baptized this Sunday! 

I know that fasting is hard, but I know that God completes and will bless us. I know that he personally answer us and will always bless us with  what is best for us. 

That was our week and I am looking forward to the next one!

Love you all! Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)
Taylor's apartment in Coquimbo

The Kitchen

Miracle  Baptism

Oh yeah!!

Hipster Glasses

Exchange with Elder P

Map of Zone

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