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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 55: Big Changes!

Hola Buenos Dias!!

This week was a week of some pretty big changes! 

This week as we know I had changes, I didnt expect to be changed but in the morning when our zone leaders called us I got the news that I was leaving. I was kind of in shock and kinda sad because I loved the ward and had many good friends there. But it is part of the mission so I packed up my bags (it was more like a wrestling tournament with my clothes) and went to say goodbye to people. Right after lunch we were about to head to changes when I got a call from Presidente Diaz! He called me to inform me that I was called to be a zone leader and asked me if I accepted. Of course I accepted and we went to changes. So after changes I am now a zone leader in a place called Coquimbo, that is in the north (a 7 hour bus ride from Viña). We left the change meeting at 7 at night and got to our appartment at 4 in the morning and slept 3 hours and had to wake up at 7.

Coquimbo, at least my sector, is richer than any other sector I have been in. Some of the houses even look like American houses and they actually have yards with GRASS! It is a cool area. As a zone leader we are in charge of 16 missionaries and 2 district leaders. I am still learning alot but I am getting the hang of it and it is pretty fun :) I am here with Elder Allred. We were together in the MTC and have the same amount of time in the mission. He is cool and from an island called Utah ;) He likes basketball and is a good missionary. It will be great working with him :) I still dont really know the investigators or the ward but I will keep you guys updated with that in the future :)

This week I got to do interchanges with an elder named Elder McMurtrey who is incredible. He has been on the mission for 4 and a half months but already talks well, teaches well, and loves everyone. He really taught me alot about loving everyone. We had an amazing interchange with a couple highlights.

Karma is a Jerk:
In the interchange he didnt have lots of appointments so we did lots and lots of contacts wich actually ended up being really good. We walked by a house where a dad was outside talking to his younger boys and elder McMurtrey said we should go back and contact them, so we did. The man was very rude and told us to go away in a mean way. As we were walking away one of his younger sons walked up to him and hit him... well where it really hurts for the men.. and the dad fell down in pain. It was so hilarious! I almost started laughing out loud. But It was a testimony that "Karma is a jerk"

It was also a great interchange because the spirit was so strong. It was guiding us all over the place, who to contact, what to say, and where to go. I could literally feel guiding thoughts or feelings that werent my own. One of these promptings guided us to contact a man vacuuming out his car (like I said, rich sector) We did probably the best contact that I have done in my life. We gave him a book and found out that he is evangelico (people who are really against mormons) but he was interested. When we gave him the book we asked him what he would ask to Jesus if he was right there and he asked a question that I never thought would come. "What do I need to do to achieve eternal life?" I know that this man was ready to hear the gospel. But it also taught me how wonderful it is to have the gospel in our lives, that as a 19 boy I could honestly tell him that I knew what I needed to do to live with God again, and that he a man, didnt have that knowledge. This gospel is true, whether you like it or not, doesnt change that it is true :)

This Sunday I showed up to church and the bishop came to greet me with a "Hello Elder, nice to meet you. A brother isnt going to show up today. Could you give a 15 minute talk on the scriptures?" All I could think was "Welcome to the ward elder nielson!!":) But I accepted and gave a talk. I thought it was pretty good and some people told me they were going to start applying some things that I had said. But it went well and I loved church. The ward is very friendly with the missionaries so I am sure I will get to know them well :) 

I am safe and happy and well :) I love you all and hope that you are even better than I am :)

stay golden!

Elder Nielson :)

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  1. Dear Missionary Mom,
    I love reading the BLOG you do for your son. He was my daughter's District Leader in Valparaiso. She has since transferred to an area called Huanhuali. She said he was such a good missionary. We are from Pocatello, Idaho. I just read your last entry. It said he was transferred to Coquimbo. I know there was much evacuation in Coquimbo following the earthquake. I know all the missionaries are accounted for since receiving the email from the Mission Office. I hope all is well!! Thank you again for sharing his memories. I read them each week. We are praying for the safety of all the missionaries and the beautiful people of Chile.
    MaryLynn Graham
    Chubbuck, Idaho