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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 44: Que Esta haciendo perro cochino!? (What are you doing dirty dog?!)

Buenos Dias!!!

This week was a week of success and hard work! We invited lots of people to be baptised and many accepted! We will see if they will keep the commandments and the promises they made.

This week I started out a little bit disappointed and frustrated with lots of things that are going on. But I decided to read a talk that I found in the apartment already called "mental Toughness" by Elder Ballard. It talks about making success happen even if all the situations are against you. It talks about not complaining and just giving it your all. It humbled me a lot because I was doing all the things it said not to do ha ha. I decided to take the advice that I had received by reading it and put it to the test... And what would you know... It passed. 

This week After reading that I decided to give it my all and not care about the rest. After deciding that and working super hard we managed to invited many people to be baptized and we now have 7 people who have accepted to be baptized on a specific day. We have more success than I have ever had in the mission. I know that if we follow the advice and the revelation of the prophets and apostles we will receive the blessings that they promise. We just have to be willing to humble ourselves and accept the advice. 

So this week the work went well. We encountered many new investigators and helped many progress. We had many intense lessons in which I felt the spirit strongly and so did the investigators. One night we invited an investigator to keep a commandment that is a little difficult to keep. He said that he would have to think about it so we invited him to pray and ask god if it was something that he should do. The Next day we passed by to see if he got an answer and he said that he had. But that before he prayed he already knew it was true. In his own words "yeah I prayed, but there are some things that I don't have to ask god, and I know they are true after I hear you teach them. It was like that with this commandment." I know that the spirit is the real teacher .

It is getting colder, a lot colder. But luckily (or unluckily) it hasn't rained. I am grateful that it hasn't rained, but apparently Chile is having a really big bad drought. The area presidency (The area 70s) have asked all of Chile, Peru, and Argentina to fast this Sunday for rain (which I'm not too thrilled about) but if Chile needs it than I will fast for it.
This week we also had some funny experiences, and yes one of them includes a dog :)

"Que Esta haciendo perro cochino!?":
I thought I was all done with the dog stories. After not having an incident in almost 2 months I was not expecting this to come. We were working in an area where we haven't worked very often so I was looking at a map. While looking at the map a dog walked over to me and I thought "dang it, I am going to get fleas now and it is going to touch me and give me all of its nasty." But I was busy looking at the map so I decided that I didn't care. But to my surprise the dog didn't touch me, so I kept looking at the map. Then all of a sudden I feel something touching me, but it wasn't the dog so I looked down to see what was up. In that moment I saw something that I never would have expected... The dog had lifted up its rear leg and was... Yes... Peeing on my leg and on my shoes!!! I jumped and started yelling at him. But after 2 seconds of yelling at him I started dying laughing. The dog had marked me as his territory and my pants were covered in dog pee. I had to spend the next 10 minutes laughing my head off. But now I have an owner.


We walked into a store one day and there were some little girls buying some stuff for their mom. They turned around when they heard us come in so I smiled at them. Before I could even say one word the little girls said "Uh-oh." Normally I would have stopped smiling and not talked to them but I decided to be more assertive. "UH OH? UH OH? what is so UH OH? I didn't think I was that ugly, and I know that you wouldn't say that about my companion would you?" The little girls started laughing and we talked a little bit. But now I am friends with two 7 year old girls ha ha :)

This week I had experiences with drugged people doing weird things but it doesn't matter what they did ha ha :) 

I hope that you all have a fantastic week and I love you all :)

Stay Golden!
Elder Nielson :)

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