Vina Del Mar, Chile

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 45: I got Robbed! Special Conference, and Copa America Champions!

Buenos Dias!

This week was a great week full of different experiences! :)

This week I got robbed! Luckily it wasn't anything super valuable :) I was walking in a sector that is poorer than all of the other sectors and we had just finished lunch. For dessert the lady had given us an apple and as I was walking I started to eat my apple. Before I could take more than 2 bites and man came up and started yelling at me and took my apple and ran away. So it wasn't anything valuable, but I was still kinda frustrated that he took my apple ;) After the experience we were talking to a member about it and they said he did it to show his authority and to show us that we were in his area. 

This week in the same area we ran across a couple people peeing in the street. It isn't super common but it isn't rare. But just so you know what kind of things we run across ha ha :) 

This week was a great week for lessons. We had many lessons (8) with investigators and I was able to feel the spirit really strong. This week I really focused on teaching the investigators what they needed to change their life and to receive the blessings of the lord rather than teach them the material. That is a big difference between having the spirit in the lessons or not. If we teach them how the gospel and god can bless their lives the spirit can testify more personally to the person. After all the lessons I felt very good with what we had taught. We have many investigators and 2 are going to be baptized this Sunday! The 2 older brothers of the little girls are going to be baptized this weekend! It has been so amazing to see their change :) 

This weekend we had a special conference and the branches became wards and the district became a stake (If you don't understand those words you can find the nearest missionaries and they will be more than happy to explain them) :) Jorge Zaballos a Seventy came to do it. He talked about many things and I could feel the spirit super strong. It was a great testimony about the callings of the lord. 

This weekend I also received a testimony about fasting. Chile is having a drought and it hasn't rained in almost a year so this last fast Sunday all the members in Chile were fasting to have rain. After finishing the special conference on Sunday we went to leave and... It was raining! I know that the Lord answered the prayers and the fasts of all the members and he did it Immediately. I know that the lord will grant us what we need if we are willing to fast and pay our fast offerings.

These past couple weeks the Copa America (A big south American soccer tournament between all the countries) has been going on. Well on Saturday Chile played in the final against Argentina... And they won the Copa America for the first time in History! It was so crazy! It happened when we were in the special conference and when we left the streets were flooded with people screaming and celebrating and honking :) I am part of History! :) 

It was a good week and the next week will be as well because of the baptisms! :)

You guys are awesome, I love you all :) Stay Golden :)

Elder Nielson :)

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