Vina Del Mar, Chile

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 47: When are the elders going home? Cuz I want them to go home now!

Buenos Dias!

This week we had a lot of time in the street working and looking for people. We left 7 of our investigators because we had tried to make appointments with them, or they weren't progressing, so now we are looking for more. 

Aside from that not much happened. Lots of street work. But as we worked in the street we had a couple interesting experiences.

There are lots of drunk people in the streets in our sector so we generally have drunk people asking us for money. But this week we ran into a lady who was drunk. She started to talk to us and tell us that she is a member. We started trying to talk about that but quickly realized how drunk she was. She talked nonsense for a couple minutes and then tried to kiss us!! It was absolutely hilarious because the sister missionaries always have troubles with drunk guys trying to kiss them but this is the first time a drunk lady has tried to kiss me! She leaned in and tried to kiss my companion first. We told her no and that we cant do that. After thinking for a second she said "You can if it comes from the heart!" I almost started laughing, but knew that that would be a bad idea so we explained to her that we have rules. It was funny because after that she started following us. I didn't know what to do, but then there was a little old lady and she was walking in the street and the drunk lady yelled "Grandma!" And went and kissed the old lady (But the old lady was obviously not her grandma) The old lady began to yell at her and tell her to go away. We used the old lady distraction to run away and get away from the Drunk lady ha ha :)

Then When we were visiting a family the little girls got mad at us because they had to turn the TV off. After a couple minutes of talking she came out and asked her mom "When are the Elders going home?" And her grandma asked her why she said "Cuz I want them to go home now!" after hearing such hurtful words we made the joke that we were never going to leave! After hiding some of her toys and messing with her we got ready to leave and she asked why we were leaving.  We explained that we were going to keep working and then she got sad. "But I thought you weren't going to leave! She told us we had to come back the next day and bring our PJ's so that we could stay. It was hilarious :)

We don't have any investigators but we got a great reference and we have an appointment today with them :) 

I love you all! Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)

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