Vina Del Mar, Chile

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 43: "If I am going to dance than I have to go pee pee first!"

Buenos Dias!

This week was a good week! We have 2 investigators that came to church so they still have their baptismal dates for the 11th of July! So hopefully we can achieve those and invite even more people to come unto Christ :) 

This week we didn't have many experiences but I wrote down some quotes that I really thought were funny :)

1) While visiting a recent convert her grandpa was watching bugs life and was really into it then said to us as if he had received revelation "I never noticed that before... but the ants from bugs life, especially the queen, look like the sisters from relief society!" I died laughing at that one, but it is true, the relief society president looks a lot like the queen ant ha ha :)

2) While visiting an inactive family a little boy who is 4 years old was about to play just dance with his older sister. The older sister was picking a song and came across sexy and I know it. When she decided to dance to that song her 4 year old brother shouted "If I'm going to dance this song than I have to go pee pee first!" Then he shot off to the bathroom. It was hilarious and I almost died laughing :)

This week we had changes and as part of changes something sad happened... My district that was a district of 8 missionaries got cut down to a district of 6 missionaries. The sisters from levarte B got taken from my district and put into another one. That made me sad because I liked talking to them, but oh well. 

This week while doing planning at night we were in the apartment and our neighbor was jamming out to music. All of a sudden Mr Roboto by Styx came on, it was pretty normal but then he started trying to sing along to it! He started singing really loudly and off tune. After singing almost the whole first verse he stopped singing because the voice got really high pitched, so I started singing along to the song in my falsetto and did it really loud. After that he turned the music off, so I am assuming that my bad voice hasn't improved much :)

The work is going well. We have 2 investigators that are going to be baptized in July and we have some futures that could be baptized in July as well. But besides that the mission work is just going along like normal :)

I miss you all and hope that you have a fantastic week!
Stay Golden! :)

Elder Nielson :)

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