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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Week 41: Baptisms and the Pants of a thousand tears!

Buenos Dias!!!

This week was a good week that flew by super fast! We didn't do much but we also did a lot! 

This week we prepared the girl to be baptized on the weekend. It was so exciting and so stressful at the same time! We had to prepare everything for the baptism and everything for the lessons and it was super stressful... But we Did it!  The girls got baptized on Saturday and Confirmed on Sunday! The baptism was super awesome and the  family was super happy :) We are going to continue working with the whole family so that they can progress together as a family and go to the temple :)

This week one of my pairs of pants turned into the "Pants of a Thousand Tears." We were teaching a lesson to A recent convert who is 11 years old and after the lesson we invited her to share the gospel with her friends. We gave her some cards and had her write a message on each card to give to her friends. She messed up writing (said that it was bad handwriting, but I was able to read it) so we gave her another one, and she "Messed up again" so we gave her 1 more and she messed up again. We told her that we could read them so her friends would be able to as well. Then she put on a puppy dog face and we started laughing and telling her that it wouldn't work. Then she started crying... we thought she was playing at first, but then she started crying for real, I still have no Idea why, but then she buried her head on my leg and cried for like 5 minutes. I didn't know what to do, I mean what do you do if an 11 year old girl is crying on your leg and you don't know why and her parents and grandparents are just looking at you??? After she finished crying we talked some more and she was okay, but we still don't know why she cried ha ha. But as we left I noticed my pants were wet! I had a 4 inch circle of tears next to my knee! So now the pants are called my Pants of a thousand tears ha ha :)

Being a District Leader is super fun and awesome, but also very time consuming! There isn't time to do anything... Not even to use the bathroom. A couple of times I haven't used the bathroom in like 3 days so I got sick. After experiencing that a couple times I decided to use the bathroom once a day no matter what. Yesterday It was almost the end of the day and I still hadn't used the bathroom. I had to go super bad but I still had to call my zone leaders and give them numbers and inform them of some things. I couldn't wait and neither could they... so we had to compromise a little bit... I had to call them in the bathroom... Can I say Awkward, because that sure doesn't even come close to describing it. My voice was echoing so I am pretty sure they knew I was in the bathroom, but they didn't say anything. But In the end it worked out, I called the zone leaders and managed to use the bathroom, I guess you can say I am a pro at multitasking ha ha :)

Besides that not too much happened!

I love you all and hope that you all stay golden! :)

Love you tons,
Elder Nielson
What a great day! These girls are amazing.

La Familia


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