Vina Del Mar, Chile

Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 42: Death by Marshmallows, Flirting, Playing Pranks and Break Ins!

Buenos Dias!!!!

This week was a good week, lots of events that took place that made it different than normal. The work was pretty normal, we have investigators and people listening to the lessons, but it is pretty normal in that aspect :)

This week we had a Family Home Evening with the girls who got baptized and with their family. It was super fun! We taught a lesson and then played a game. They were all dying of laughter and loving the game. It was so awesome to see them grow closer as a family in a matter of 15 minutes and it really taught me the power of Family Home Evening. Our families will be strengthened and will overcome any trial if we do our Family Home Evenings.

This week we almost died from marshmallows! I always make brownies with marshmallows on top for our District meetings, but this week I decided to make some for a member to share during lunch. I had a lot of marshmallows so I decided to put on triple the amount of marshmallows and left them to cook. After a little bit I started to smell smoke. I went into the kitchen and the oven was spewing smoke! The extra marshmallows and fallen off and were burning in the oven. By then time I was able to cut the oven and stop the burning the apartment was visible full of smoke. We ran around and opened all the windows and were okay. But we could have died from some stinking marshmallows!! :)

This week was also a week of learning... Learning how to flirt! Whenever we talk with a flaite (flighty a Chilean gangster) who is like 23 they always ask us if we have Chilean girlfriends. This week we did a contact with a flaite and he asked us if we had Chilean girlfriends. We told him no and he got a look of sincere concern on his face and began to tell us "Its okay, its okay, its okay, don't worry, Ill teach you how to do it!" We spent the next 5 minutes receiving tips and the guide on how to flirt and get a Chilean girlfriend, and his tips on love and how to make the relationship work. It was Hilarious! But what made it so funny was his sincere concern that we didn't have a Chilean girlfriend ha ha :)

This week I might have played a prank on the sister missionaries that are in our ward. After a meeting with some leaders and the missionaries everyone left and the sister missionaries went into the bathroom. We have the keys to the church and the leaders asked us to close the church. So we left the church turned off the lights and locked the door (With the sister missionaries still in the bathroom). They came out and we could hear them talking a little bit and they tried to open the door, but it was locked so they couldn't open it. They tried yanking it and everything and finally accepted the fact that they had been locked in the church and started calling someone. At that point we opened the door. But it was super funny, but now we have to be careful so that they don't get us back :)

This week we went to go visit someone in an apartment complex but when we got there the apartment had 2 locked gates to get inside. The person was a really good contact so we wanted to talk to her. After thinking for a minute I decided it was worth it to break in. Using a pen, some broken glass, and a stick and some time we managed to break into the first gate. As we prepared to open the second gate we noticed that the apartment had buzzers to call the people, which would have been awesome if she lived there... After calling the apartment we realized that we had broken into the wrong apartment complex! 

That was my week ha ha :) We have the brothers of the little girls with baptismal dates in July and some investigators but the brothers are the only ones progressing. 

This Wednesday we have changes but I don't think we are going to be changed because we are both pretty new to the area :) 

I love you all, stay golden!

Elder Nielson :)
Death by Marshmallow!

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