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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Week 36: Happiness is a Sandwich, a Brownie and lots of Ice Cream!!!

Buenos Dias!!

Well this week I continued on my quest for happiness :) This week I followed the advice of Boyd K. Packer from Conference (Happiness is a cookie and a kiss) and since I am out of practice of kissing I stuck to the cookie... and brownie... and ice cream... and sandwich :) Last P-Day I decided I needed to have fun and do something out of the normal. I found out that there is a subway in the end of our zone so we decided to go there. With our District leader and his companion we went there :) It was heavenly to eat a subway sandwich! :) Then as we were leaving we passed by a store called Brownie Factory (Looks like a kneaders but more focused on brownies and Ice cream) and we decided to eat there :) It was so delicious! It was such a fun day, I am doing it today as well :) I also made Oreo cookies this week. I cooked chocolate cookies and then made frosting and made homemade Oreo and they were super delicious! :) I have learned that part of happiness is breaking the routine :)

This Wednesday I have transfers and am beyond excited to leave Villa Dulce. I have had many good memories and have such good friends, but I am ready to get to know another sector. I have plenty of parties planned in case I don't leave (Pity parties). So If I dont leave I will receive lots of food from the members haha. 

The Missionary punishment :)

This week we had a funny experience. The R family has a son who eats a lot and doesn't do exercise so he is gaining a lot of weight. He has rules on what food and how much he can eat. Anyways we ate with them on Sunday and after lunch he sneaked into the kitchen and ate another plate of food. His mom and dad were mad at him so they said that he wasn't going to get dinner (dinner in Chile is really small, like a piece of bread with cheese). I said "Well that isn't all that bad, he should have to wake up and do exercises with us, that would be more of a punishment (joking of course). Brother R pointed at me and said 
"That is so true, that is what we are going to do! L, tomorrow you have to wake up at 6:30 and go do exercises with the missionaries!"
(Great to know that our life is worthy of being a punishment! ;)) So today at 6:30 in the morning we were doing exercises in the gym with L. It was so funny but was good because it helped us be motivated to do exercises :)

This week was a little bit frustrating with the work. We are looking for new investigators and are doing contacts and setting appointments like crazy. This week we set 15 appointments, and none of them were home when we passed by. It was kind of frustrating, but makes me feel good knowing that I did my job. 

P isn't going to be baptized for a couple more weeks. He needs to mature a little bit, receive his answer from god about the church, and receive all the lessons again, because he had a lesson with the district leader and wasn't paying much attention so our district leader said he wouldn't interview him until he had received all the lessons again. After that P got mad and didn't want to and didn't talk to us for 3 days. I took him cookies that I had made and we started talking again. Finally he is willing to listen to us and share again. And now he is taking the lessons and compromises a little bit more seriously because he realizes he has to change.

I cant wait for Sunday to Skype my family! :) It will be awesome and I am so excited :)

I love you all! :) Be happy and stay golden! :)

Love you,
Elder Nielson :)
Elder Brown and me

My District Leader and me
Oh Yeah Brownie Heaven!!!

My Food Baby

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