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Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 39: I want to take your eyes with a spoon!

Buenos Dias!!
Esta semana fue super buena! I mean... This was a great week! We had some success, gained some hope, and are going to work hard again this week!
This week was good, we had the goal and the challenge from president to find a new investigator every day this week! We didn't quite manage to do it, but we did find 4 new investigators! With that we finally have a base of people to teach! Woohoo! :)
The new investigators are
M and S- A couple who really want to know if this is the true church, but aren't married and haven't come to church
M y M- A son and Mother. The son almost died from an overdose on drugs and ever since than has had some physical problems but is searching for Jesus and wants to follow his teachings.
Also the hope for this week is that there are 2 girls (11 and 12) who are daughters of an inactive member and they have come to church every week for 2 years with their grandma, but they aren't baptized. They could get baptized the next week if everything works out well! We talked to the mom and we have an appointment with her on Tuesday!
Spiritual experience of the week:
This week while contacting people in the street a man started talking to us. He opened up to us and told us his life story. He was evangelico (evangelical?) for 13 years but when he moved he found out some scandals that his preacher had committed and that shook his faith and made him think that religion doesn't exist. He started drinking and his life took a swan dive. After being an alcoholic for a long time and almost destroying his marriage he started thinking about the situation, and that a human made a mistake, it wasn't god. He wants to start following god again. While we were explaining the blessings that can come from this change of life, the ability to repent and leave behind our past burdens and guilt, the ability to start again and become who god wants us to be, he started crying. We hugged in the street, and he thanked us a lot. I know that this gospel gives us hope and a direction, and can help us start over again.
Scariest experience is working in the night. We can only walk where it is lit and we were walking where it was lit but next to the path was really dark. We were looking for a house and were a little lost and we were walking in a street that we didn't know. I was about to leave the path a little bit to see what the house number was but it was dark. As I was about to leave the path I heard some voices. In the dark where I was about to go there were 3 flietes doing drugs and watching us. That scared me but was a great lesson about the straight and narrow path. Even though I wasn't leaving the path to break the rules, and didn't see anything bad leaving the path could have been super bad. In our life we need to stay on the path, even if we don't understand why, even if we cant see anything bad in the dark, we need to stay on the path, because it is the only sure way to be saved. 
Funny Experience of the week: I want to take your eyes out with a spoon!
This week I ran into a snake! In the mission a girl who flirts with the missionaries is called a snake. While we were in a area that I had never worked in before (Laguna Verde (green Lagoon) ) which is basically a little town on the beach, super beautiful (Ill take my camera next time to take pictures) and were looking for a less active family. When we finally found the house there were 2 girls who are 11 or 12 and they started talking to us. While we were trying to get information about the family and when we could pass by they were just trying to keep our attention and flirt with us. When I told them that we would pass by a different day they said that we had to pass by when they are home and as I was shaking their hands goodbye one of them blurted out "Quiero sacarse los ojos con una cuchara!" (I want to take your eyes out with a spoon) It is a Chilean saying that means I think your eyes are pretty and I want them for myself! It was the first time that I had heard that phrase and it scared me a little bit! But nonetheless we haven't talked with them since ha ha. :)
That was my week and this next week will be good! I will try to take more pictures of my area, it is just hard with such little time on Monday to take pictures and my sector is too dangerous to carry around my camera.
I love you all! Stay golden!
Elder Nielson :)
Yo Yo Yo! What can I say?!

My District

View of the ocean from my apartment

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