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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week 38: Translating Like a Pro!!!

Buenos Dias!!

This week was a good week and went by so quickly!!! We worked super hard and did tons of contacts! With all of our hard work we encountered 3 new investigators! Jorge, Polo, e Irma. Jorge has a baptismal date for the 7th of June, but he didn't show up to his second lesson so we will see what happens there.

Really not much happened this week, just lots of working and contacting, and working, and contacting, and working, and contacting even more. 

Jorge is a good investigator. We taught him the first lesson and he likes listening about God and Jesus Christ. He accepted the invitation to be baptized if he feels ready. Right after his lesson we had the great opportunity to go to a baptism so that he could see what it is like and how it works. He payed lots of attention and was really alert so I think he liked it. We are going to be passing by him to continue teaching him :)

This week on the the companionship's of sisters had a Miracle Baptism! An 11 year old Girl had attended church for lots of time but couldn't be baptized in the branch because her mom lives in another sector (and you have to get baptized in the sector where you live) but the girl lives with her grandparents, so it was just a dilemma. But they finally received Permission to baptize the little girl and it was a great opportunity for Jorge to see a baptism.

The only other thing that happened this week was the Council of District Leaders. A meeting that president has with the district leaders once every 3 months to teach us, help us become better district leaders, and to see how our teaching and leading is going. It was a fun experience, especially to see my old district leader elder crofts, because he became one of my good friends :) There we saw a new video made by the church called "LIFT" and it is super good, so if you haven't seen it you definitely should :)

The funny moment of the week: Translating Like a Pro!

Today we arrived at the Internet cafe to do Internet and we were waiting in line behind some people talking to the worker. They were taking a long time so I started listening to the conversation so see what was the problem. That's when I realised the people couldn't speak Spanish and were trying to communicate with the worker. I started talking to the lady in English and at first she thought I was speaking to her in Spanish, but the she realised that I speak English and said "Thank goodness! At least Someone speaks English!" I thought that was funny considering that we are in Chile. She then told be that she wanted 2 computers to use so I started talking to the worker. I told him that they wanted 2 computers. He started saying "I don't get these people, they gave me 4 dollars but haven't used anything (In Chile you pay after using the computers or after eating, not before). He started saying funny things about how some people are clueless but said it in a funny manner and it was hard not to laugh. I explained everything to him and to the gringos. In the end it all worked out but was super funny, and I felt like a pro :) 

That was my Week! I am going to continue working hard to find more new investigators! 

I love you all! Stay Golden!

Love Elder Nielson :)
Saying Good Bye

Saying Good Bye

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