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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Week 37: Changes!

Buenos Dias! :)

This week was a good one with LOTS of Changes! :)

This week on Wednesday we had a change meeting and I finally got transferred from Villa Dulce to a place called Quebrada Verde (Green Ocean Cliff). It is in Valparaiso Oeste which is about 45 minutes from Villa Dulce. It is different than Villa Dulce. It is a lot poorer and a lot more ghetto. It is really dirty but I love it because it is right next to the ocean and I have an ocean view from my window :) That was a big change but another big change is that now I am a... District Leader!

Being a district leader means that I am a leader of my companion and 6 other missionaries. I have to call them every night, teach them every week, make sure they are happy, healthy, and working :) It is fun but uses up alot of time :) In my district we have the zone leaders (the leaders of the district leaders) and 2 pairs of sister missionaries. It is an awesome district and I am excited to be here working :)

I arrived and we didn't have anything... no investigators, no appointments to teach, i mean nothing. So we are going to work really hard to encounter people and to teach them. In our sector it is pretty hard to teach people because we are very limited in where we can work. We have some places that we have to leave before 7 o'clock at night because they are dangerous in the night time, so it is hard to teach adults (who get home from work at 6 or 7) and kids (who get home from school at 5ish ) but we will find people and we will teach them. We are doing lots of street contacts to find them :)

On Sunday we had mothers day and got to Skype with our families for 40 Minutes which was awesome :) It was fun talking to them and seeing their faces :) It is crazy thinking that I have already used up half of my calls! Only 2 left! Time is flying by but I love it :)

My new companion is Elder P and is from Cour d' lane Idaho! Whoooooo Idaho for the Win! :) He is a good missionary. He is obedient to instructions (you have to tell him it is time to do something) and wants to share the gospel. He isn't an initiative taker but works hard when he has a guide which is super awesome :) I never have to worry if he is going to help me out in a contact or a lesson. I have to get it started and then he is good to help me out :) He likes to talk in the street which is super good because I haven't talked in the street for so long! :)

Where I am now is a branch and a district (Not a ward and stake) But we are close to become a ward and a stake :) The ward members are awesome and help us out a lot :) Our ward mission leader is the bomb and does his job super well :) Now it is just up to us to find investigators so that we can include the members :) 

Something kind of Crazy... I was in Villa Dulce finishing the training of Elder V but Before he was in Villa Dulce with me he was in Quebrada Verde A! I am in his old sector, so many of the members know Elder V and have a respect for me for finishing his training. That was a blessing because sometimes it is hard to gain the members confidence.

Spiritual Moment of the Week.
This Sunday some members couldn't go to church because they were sick so the branch president asked us to take them the Sacrament. We passed by and entered the house of one of the members. When we entered and told her that we were there to give her the sacrament she started crying. She didn't know that we could do that and was feeling really bad because she couldn't take the sacrament. After the sacrament in her house she bore her testimony about the sacrament and was super super grateful to us. It really strengthened my testimony and helped me realize how important it is to take the sacrament. Even if we are good people, we always have flaws and can improve, and the sacrament and atonement of Christ can help us with that. We shouldn't miss even 1 opportunity to partake of the sacrament and atonement of Christ in our life.

I love you all and hope that everything is going well :) Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)
Good bye to the Rivero Family

Taylor's new apartment

Hermana's in my district

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