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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 35: Happiness Bomb and The Mission Heist

Hola Buenos Dias!!! :)

This week was a good one personally, and a pretty good one for the work :) This week I learned how to be happy and how to be myself. It really is a decision, sometimes a hard decision, but a decision nonetheless, And I choose to be happy :)

This week I learned to be Happy and it all started with an interchange with the Zone Leaders :) I was with Elder G who is from Mexico. He is super animated and happy all the time which was a real example to me. He works hard and if he is rejected doesn't even care and continues the conversation we were having before the contact. In the contacts (Talking with people in the street) he is overly happy. Not too overly happy but very happy, and that makes other people happy and makes them more willing to talk. I like to be happy and talk with people but Sometimes people in the street scare me, but I learned that if you are overly happy no one is going to be too mean (Just kinda mean). After that I decided to be happy in the street and in contacts. Every since I started doing that I have encountered more people who are willing to talk and the rejection doesn't phase me as much :) I have finally found a way to be happy and to work hard :)

In the interchange I also learned that it is hard to speak English. We ran into 3 people who could speak English and we talked with them. Every time I caught Myself speaking in Spanish, and when I tried to say things in English they didn't come out right ha ha. Speaking in Spanish 24/7 really affects your mind ha ha :) Well thinking and speaking and dreaming in Spanish :)

This week The investigators are doing pretty well! :)

M got confirmed on Sunday and is now a member of the church :)
P came to church by himself and the went to watch a baptism with us :) If everything works out he will be baptized this Sunday :)
V.... Yeah V is no longer an Investigator. We went to teach her with the Zone Leader (Elder G) and she told us she didn't have time for a lesson but wanted to talk really quick. She then told us that she wouldn't be baptized and didn't want to share with us anymore because she was offended that we didn't know Padre Nuestro (The lords prayer from the bible). We had a lesson about Prayer and about revelation, but she still said no. It was kind of sad because she was so desirous to learn but something like not knowing padre nuestro is going to stop her from achieving salvation. 

We are on the search, passing for every contact that we can. Hopefully we find some more soon! :)

This week I felt like I was in a heist movie :) After going to watch the baptism with P we returned to the apartment and realized I HAD LEFT THE KEYS IN THE APARTMENT! Normally that would be bad but each companion has a copy of the keys so I asked my companion for his keys. "Elder, I lost my keys a couple weeks ago, I don't have them." After that I didn't know what to do. It was already night time and we didn't have any keys. To get into our apartment we had to break in :) We used a plastic bottle and scissors and managed to open the locked door and get inside :) So now I am pretty much a pro at breaking into apartments ;)

Stay Golden, I love you all!

Elder Nielson :)


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