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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 31: I got changed to.... Wait.... Villa Dulce?

Buenos Dias!!

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and birthday songs :)

This week was a good one!! We had changes, worked hard, and had some success :)

This Wednesday we had changes. On Transfer days we get called in the morning, then pack our bags, then go to the meeting to find out where we are going. In the morning I had already packed my bags because I had been in Villa Dulce for 4 changes (almost 6 months) so it was guaranteed that I would leave. After getting the call I learned that... I wasn't leaving Villa Dulce, I am staying here another month and a half. I had to unpack my bags while my companion packed his bags. I was a little bit frustrated until I received a call from the Assistants.

Assistant: Elder Nielson?
A: We have and assignment for you
Me: Yeah, Okay?
A: You are going to train so you have to be in the training meeting at 3.
M: Alright Thank you elder.
A: Chao Chao.

After the call I got super excited. Yes I am still in Villa Dulce which is a little bit frustrating but I am training! 

So I am training a new elder named Elder V. He is a Chilean who is 19 years old. He is the only member in his family which means he is super courageous. He is a hard worker and we are going to have a lot of success together. He is ready to learn and to work hard. He has a thick Chilean accent and sometimes struggles to understand my accent, but I am sure that being with him is going to help me a lot with my accent :) 

This week we also got our water heater fixed!!! No more cold showers!! Woohoo! After 3 months of Ice cold showers we finally have hot water and can shower in peace :)

This week I decided that eating Oatmeal every morning for breakfast is dumb and that I have to enjoy myself :) So this week I have made eggs, toast, granola with apples and yogurt, pancakes, and more. It is crazy how much better my day is and how much happier I am after eating a delicious breakfast. Sometimes when I am having a bad day the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of my delicious breakfast the next day ha ha :) But I feel like quite the chef now ;)

This week something crazy happened. We had a forest fire in our sector... well 2 forest fires. One burned a whole hill and the other burned a large sector of land. Luckily no houses or building were burned. There were 3 helicopters, 2 airplanes, and 6 firetrucks dropping water on the fires to put them out. 

This Sunday I had to give a talk in church and was super excited. I wrote my talk and prepared scriptures, examples, and the doctrine to help the ward participate the the missionary work. I was the last one to give my talk and the first speaker spoke for a long time so I only had 6 minutes to give a talk. I decided to trash my talk because I didn't have the time to give the talk. I talked about the commandments and the blessings that we will receive by living the commandments. There are so many blessings to be gained by living the commandments and I hope that I helped the members realize that a life of living the commandments will be so much happier than living without them.

In April we are going to have 2 baptisms. P and M are going to be baptized the 12th and I am super excited. We have worked so much to help them come to this point so I am excited to see them progress :)

This weekend is conference and I am super excited to see it. I know that the Prophet is called of God to guide us in our lives and journeys. I know that he will answer our questions and help us know what to do. I invite you all, member of the church or not to watch conference, to listen to the prophet and apostles of Christ, and to follow there advice. 

I love you all! Stay golden! :)

Elder Nielson

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