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Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 28: Haircut!

Buenas Dias!

This week was a little bit better than last week, it had some good and some bad haha. But I am persevering and following the guidance I receive from the leaders and from my prayers.

This week JP moved to Santiago... so no more investigator with a baptismal date... that was frustrating and sad. But this week we encountered J who accepted a baptismal date.

By the end of the week we had 2 baptismal dates set, but none of them came to church which was frustrating. So right now we have no baptismal dates set, and even if we set more I wont be here for them. That is a little bit discouraging but I will keep working hard and doing my best. 

This week we did see a miracle. One day we were in the street and my companion was talking to a member on the phone when a lady walked by and said "Hello Elders." Normally I would just say hello and keep going, but I decided to talk to her. After talking for a little bit I found out that she is a member and is part of the family isn't members. She then asked us if we wanted to see where her house was and I accepted. We went to her house and she introduced us to her grandson who isn't a member. She went inside quickly while we talked to the grandson and then she came out and said "Well he isn't baptized and needs to be baptized, so next week, Wednesday at 6 we are going to start the lessons" It was an awesome blessing a truly a miracle. It strengthened my testimony about prayers and I know that they will be answered!

This week while sharing with a less active member we started talking about cooking and eating. She then gave us millions of recipes to cook stuff quickly and easily! So this week we are going to try to cook some of the stuff. I am going to try to make Chilean pancakes which are like thick crepes. 

This week we had a ward activity and we were in charge of (Well I was in charge of) The lesson and it had to be about missionary work. I was a little bit stressed because the last ward activity involved in the missionary work was boring and the members didn't really like it. So we did an activity with tug of war and then an inspirational movie and some talking and the members loved it. It went really well and the members participated! Even a grandma participated in the tug of war object lesson! it was hilarious!

Then this morning we needed haircuts and being poor missionaries we decided to cut each others hair with a hair cutter that we borrowed from a member. C was there to help guide us and teach us how to cut hair so it turned out really well. The only thing is we choose to have short hair, but it ended up super super short, almost a buzz cut haha. According to the missionaries right now I look like a drug dealer because I am dressed in fancy clothes with a super short hair cut. So this missionary might encounter some people trying to buy drugs this week haha :)

This week I read about faith and prophets who have seen Jesus face to face to receive instruction. I thought about how awesome that would be to receive instruction from Jesus and to see him face to face. But then I realized that I was receiving his instruction in the scriptures and that I don't need to see him face to face. I know that the scriptures really are the word of God and a testament of Jesus Christ and that we can learn from them and really change our lives by living the principles that we find in them.

I love you all,
Stay Golden,
Love Elder Nielson :)

Sad Day
Haircut time
Buzz Cut!
Master Barber

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