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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 29: Saving Souls .... and cats!

Buenas Dias!

This week was a great week. It was a week of miracles, success, craziness, and happiness. There must be many people praying for us, because this week was a complete opposite of the last week. I went from being inanimate and upset, to happy and encouraged. I thank everyone for their prayers and fasts because the prayers were answered. 

This week we encountered two new investigators, M, and P. They both have baptismal dates and both attended church this last Sunday!

M is the grandson of the lady that we talked to in the street. His family is inactive but wants him to get baptized. After talking with him and becoming his friend he wants to be baptized as well. He is awesome! He is 9 years old and likes to talk about God and Jesus. He attended Church this Sunday and is going to be baptized the 12 of April (I am probably not going to be here  because it is after changes but Oh well, I am happy for him). His family came to church as well so they are reactivating into the ward which is super awesome!

P is a 52 year old man who is married to an inactive woman. They were a reference from a member. She told us that we were going to eat lunch with them instead of with her. We ate lunch in their house (with the member) and then gave him a blessing of health. Then they asked us to share a scripture, so I decided to have a full blown lesson and he accepted the invitation to listen to the lessons. After a lesson with him he accepted the baptismal date of the 29th of march (I'm most likely not going to be here for his baptism either, but I helped him get started which makes me feel good). He came to church this Sunday as well with his wife which is awesome.

This week we finally saw results from all of our work! We had 108 people attend church which is 20 more than last week! It is the highest attendance we have ever had!

This week we also had some crazy events happen.

1. Saving cats...
This week we were walking by the church and heard meowing. Normally that would be pretty normal but it came from a water drain in the church that is blocked off by a huge grate. We decided to investigate to see what was up. We entered the premises and moved the grate, and as we suspected, somehow a cat had gotten stuck in the water drain hole (about 8 feet deep). Being the lover of cats that I am (NOT) i had the desire to leave it there, but I decided it needed help. So I climbed down into the whole, spent 5 minutes gaining the trust of the cat (Lots of experience with investigators ;) ) and then carried the cat out of the hole. So now I can add saving cats from water drains to my list of things I never thought I would do in my mission. 

2. Dancing to help a sister with depression
This week while visiting a member she said that her sister (A less active) Needed help because she was suffering from a depression attack (Feeling super sad) so we decided to pass by to share a motivational scripture. When we got there her husband wasn't home so we couldn't go inside, so we started talking in the door. I was doing everything I could to make her laugh and was having great success, but I decided that she needed to die laughing, so I started to talk about dancing and how I cant dance. She didn't believe that i was bad at dancing because of my personality, so I decided to show her. I dropped every single cheesy dance move that I have (The Lawn mower, The shopping cart, The shopping cart with mom, The sprinkler, The credit Cards, The shower) and every goofy move that you can do. After dancing in her doorway (and getting lots of crazy looks from people walking by) We left her smiling and crying from laughing so hard. I felt so good knowing that we had helped her feel happy. Don't worry, the next day we shared scriptures and had a lesson with her so we helped her spiritually as well ;)

3. La Verguenza! (The shame/Embarrassment!)
This week while doing contacts in the street I decided to contact two ladies walking together. The sun was really bright so I couldn't see well and I asked them if they were sisters or friends. After an awkward silence one of the ladies said... She is my mother in law... After another couple awkward seconds my compaƱion said "ooooohhhh" and I was so embarrassed! I turned around, walked away 3 steps and said loudly "UHHH LA VERGUENZA!" Then walked back. They thought that was funny so we talked some more. In the end they didn't want to share with us, But I learned not to use that question any more ha ha :)

Also this week was interesting because WE FOUND THE CATHOLIC FAMILY! One day we passed by their house again and there weren't any dogs and the apartment seemed a little different. She answered the door and said she couldn't share in that moment but could share on the weekends like she had told us in the contact. And that she had been waiting for our visit 2 months ago. Apparently we had been going to the wrong apartment for 2 months!! Both are labeled as apartment 40 and we were going to the wrong one. It gave me hope that they want to share with us. We will see this week! :)

This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and had the opportunity to pray to receive and answer if the Book of Mormon is true or not. I prayed multiple days and didn't receive a strong burning feeling like I did the first time I asked, but when I was reading the Book of Mormon I received my answer. I had a thought and a feeling, "You know this book is true, you have read it and tested its teachings, right now you are happy and successful because you have followed its teachings, it is true." It may not have been the big spiritual answer that most people wait for, but it was an answer for me. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know it is inspired of God and that it will guide us in his path and never lead us astray. I know this church is truly the Church of Jesus Christ and that through his grace and our obedience we can live forever with our families in His presence.

That was my week! Thank you all for your prayers and support. I love you all!

Stay Golden!
Elder Nielson

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