Vina Del Mar, Chile

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 18: Feliz Navidad!

Buenas Dias!

This week was a long week with low success. But I am hoping this next week will be better. We have changes on Wednesday and I have a feeling that I am leaving my sector. Anyways onto the week.

Monday we had a crazy moment when we were on the bus which includes road rage, a drunk guy driving, a hit and run, and fights. I am going to try and send the video of me telling the story.

Tuesday not many people were home. We taught a couple recent converts and then K our convert. Not much really happened.

Wednesday was Christmas eve but in Chile it is basically Christmas because they open their presents at midnight the 24th. We had a BBQ with the family that we have FHE's with. They gave us presents (Socks and Deodorant) which was awesome. Then we went caroling with the familia M. Everyone was wearing a Santa hat but I didn't have one so I wore my stocking :) After that we went to the M (Tata J) house for dinner and Christmas. I got a tie and gave Cristian sprite, skittles, brownie mix, and a little game for the secret Santa. It was fun and I ate tons of food.

Thursday was a great day because it was Christmas! We visited a couple people then went and skyped with our family! It was super wonderful! I just wish I had a little bit more than 40 minutes to talk with them but it was still great to see and talk to them. 

Friday was a long day because I was sick to my stomach because I had eaten so much food the previous 2 days haha. In the afternoon I felt better but no one was answering their doors and the few who did didn't want anything. It was a discouraging day.

Saturday was a long day as well. We were on interchanges so I was in another sector with another missionary. I was just really frustrated with the Elder because he had us stay at peoples houses and we just weren't being efficient with our time. But we almost put a baptismal date with someone which is awesome :)

Sunday was a day of Miracles. We haven't found new investigators in 3 weeks so we wanted to find new investigators. We worked all afternoon and night looking for new investigators but couldn't find any! We said a sincere prayer and then went back to work. We still didn't have success but we kept working hard. Finally to end our day we encountered an elderly couple and they agreed to have us come back and to read the Book of Mormon. Miracles follow Diligence!!

My spiritual thought for this week does not derive from scripture but it derives from some talks I have been reading and listening to. This past week I was leaving the house and being obedient, not to go out and get stuff done, but just to say that I was doing what I was supposed to until the day was over. I was doing this because I was super tired, but that isn't what the lord wants. He wants us to change and become better and to have the desire to do it, not just to do it. So I want to invite all of you, as well as my self, as we make new years resolutions, to not only work on changing a bad habit or desire, but to learn and change so that you love doing the better action. I promise that I will do it, now I just pray that you all will too.

I love you all! Stay Golden!
Elder Nielson

Yum BBQ!
Oh Yeah! BBQ with good companions and good people

It's all fum and games until you inhale smoke!

Christmas with M's

Tata J

Gift Exchange with C

Gift exchange with C

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