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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week 17: Wolf Gangs and Street Cred

Buenas Dias!!

This week was a good one and went by super fast!

Tuesday was a pretty good day. We went and did service for the B Family and then had lunch with them. We had Pastel de Papas (Potatoes and meat at the consistency of chicken pot pie) and I really enjoyed it. We had a lesson with hermana C and had a lesson with F (Santa) and it went well.

Wednesday was a LONG hot day. After the district meeting and lunch we went out to find future investigators because we didn't have any appointments. It was hot and no one was answering their doors. The cool part was we got to meet A, (Tata J grandson) who just got home from his mission on Monday. He was chill and is super pumped about missionary work still. We ended the day teaching Land K.

Thursday was a good day. We had a decent amount of lessons and some cool moments. As we were teaching a less active member his nephew who is like 4 ran to the back door, dropped his pants, and started peeing into the back yard! IT was hilarious! Thursday was also our day of "Street Cred." We were walking down the street when we ran into a wolf gang. (A group of dogs from 4 to 16 that guard/Protect each others territory together). The wolf gang of about 6 started barking at us and one tried to attack us but I lifted up my hand which had a huge rock in it (Kids, don't ever leave home without it) which scared all the dogs into their yards, and the leader dog ran scampering under his fence. After that we had to go down that street 3 more times and every time we walked by all of the dogs scattered and hid under their fences. Street cred achieved! The next item of street cred was when  we were walking home. When we were walking home a little boy, who is probably like 6 or 7, who we play soccer with for about 30 seconds every time we pass by him, saw us and called us "Tio" (Uncle) which is what young people call older people who are your super good friends. It was awesome :)

Friday was a pretty good day. We went out and worked and taught some less actives but we didn't have tons of success because no one was home or would answer the doors. At night we had a ward Christmas activity and F was Santa :) It was a fun night :)

Saturday was pretty good, I mean we got lots of food! We went and taught Tata J and then ate completos with them. After that we went to check on L and K. V (The little sister of K) Had had a birthday party so she gave us cake and then we had a good lesson.

Sunday was a great day! At church L and K got confirmed and Tata J got the Aaronic Priesthood. It was great to see all the converts progressing! After church we went to lunch at the M house. I felt really comfortable (It was the 3rd time we have eaten there) so I talked a lot which gave me a good chance to be funny. I made them die laughing which made me feel great. Then I gave the best spiritual thought I think I have given on my whole mission and they really liked it. Then we visited Tata J
which was good.

This week I was reading in 1st Nephi and marking diligence, obedience, and commands of the lord. I love the first 2 lines of chapter 19 Verse 1 "And it came to pass that the Lord commanded me, wherefore I did." We need to have the same attitude. When we have a commandment from the lord we must do. I know that if we do we will receive the blessing of heaven in our lives.

I love you all, Stay golden!!
Elder Nielson
Elder Cropper and Elder Nielson with Santa

District 2

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