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Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 14: A Michael Buble' Christmas

Buenas Dias!

This week was a pretty good one. I was suffering from a "Man-Cold." but I persevered even though I didn't have my mommy there to make it better :( But we are definitely getting into the Christmas spirit! We bought a Christmas tree and decorated it with ornaments we made out of paper haha :) We jammed to the only Christmas music we have "Michael Bublé Christmas" haha but it was great :)

Tuesday was good! We encountered a new investigator named Matias who seems pretty interested. It was nice to encounter another new investigator. After that we had a lesson with Lali. It was awesome because she was awake and animated and smiling, unlike the tired, sad, droopy Lali who is normally there. She talked about church and members who called her to check on her. It is awesome to see the gospel changing her life for the better. I'm also forever grateful to the members who called her. Member support makes a huge difference in missionary work.

Wednesday was a good day as well. We taught Lali and she is still doing great! She had a couple other lessons which went well. My throat started feeling better but my body was exhausted. 

Thursday was pretty good. We had lunch with a member and it is the most I have eaten in forever! We each got half a pan of lasagna and it was a ton of food! After that we met with a lot of less active members and we taught Matias some English (Everyone in Chile wants to learn English). After all the lessons we went and got completos and ended the day.

Friday was pretty good, it was a roller coaster ride of emotions. We had a 3rd companion for part of the day because his companion had a meeting. He is from Bolivia and it was great Spanish practice. We were all talking and I felt good, but then we had a lesson with Matis and I felt like I Botched it so I was feeling pretty frustrated. But then I got a Christmas package from home! We put the gifts under the tree. I also got letters from my teachers quorum and I loved them :) Then we ended by celebrating Thanksgiving (A day late) at the Riversos because they wanted to celebrate a gringo holiday with us :) We ate pizza and had a great time. I always love it there because I feel comfortable so I am myself and make them laugh.

Saturday was a good day. All of our appointments fell through... Puro exito! (Pure success) But we stopped by some less actives and they appreciated the visit. The best part of the day was the night. My companion and I don't really like to do street contacts but we were challenged to do 4 on Saturday. We did 5 and I started the 1st one! I started 3 of the 5 and participated in all of them. I don't mind contacts anymore :) It was a good day because I can honestly say I completed my motto and had "-No Regrets."

Sunday was a frustrating day. None of our investigators came to church. Then after church we had to stay after because of some ward drama that has to do with our (Elder Cropper and Myself) secret assignment. I don't think I have mentioned this before but Elder Cropper and I are here in Villa Dulce on a specific (kinda secret) mission from president because of some stuff that happened with a family here. Anyways things were getting pretty delicate so we had to stay around for awhile. We then ended the day with a FHE with a family. I will give the whole lowdown of our assignment next week.

My favorite scripture right now is Alma 48:17 which says if we are like Moroni then Satan will have now power over us. Alma 48:11-13 teaches us how Moroni was and how we need to be in order to overcome Satan. He forgot himself and worked for the well being of his people. I know that if we overcome the natural man, or in other words, forget ourselves and serve others, Satan will have no power over us and we will receive a new level of blessings.

Overall it was a great week! I love you all and hope you are all golden! :)

Elder Nielson
Fun with Graffiti

Take me to your leader!!
Our Christmas tree.

My first mission homemade ornament!

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