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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 15: A Murphy's Law sort of Week!

Buenas Dias!

This week was a tough one, by far the toughest one I have had so far. But we need these kind of weeks to learn and to grow.

Tuesday I had an interchange with Elder Call our district leader in his sector. It was a pretty good day. We had lunch and then some studies and went and taught some lessons. We walked a lot, but the lessons went pretty well. I got sunburned pretty bad, but oh well :)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the days that made this week so difficult. They were emotionally taxing which was really hard and they are days that I definitely don't want to relive ever again. Mission work wise they were good days, but these days my comp and I had lots of discussions, we discussed what we needed to improve, what we needed to be more obedient in, and stuff like that. This made us kind of down, and after a moment of frustration with each other we had a good heart to heart talk where we both almost cried because we found out how each other felt. It was good to have this talk and helped us feel better :)

After these tough days we began Saturday with a little more Animo. In the morning we taught Diegeo (Lali's grandson) for an hour and basically taught him everything he needs to know to get baptized. After that we played soccer with him for a half hour until mutual started. After lunch and studies we went and taught Lali. In the lesson she said she was going to attend church which was great, but then we found out some information that makes getting her baptized a little more complicated. We now have to get our mission president involved in the process. Everything just seems to be as hard as it could possible be. Thanks Murphy for your law.

Sundays on the mission are always stressful. Trying to get investigators to church, making sure they have friends, and making sure they know where to go, all while maintaining a good relationship with the members is difficult, especially because some members get offended easily. After church and lunch we had studies and lessons. We taught Tata Juan who is doing well, but is feeling kind of sick from Dialysis. 

Monday morning we played soccer with the ward and it was super fun. I had a blast and did well! They were all surprised that a "Gringo" could play like I did ha ha :) It was a great morning and I feel like I impressed some of the members which was good :)

All in all it was a good week with a really rough patch. I'm glad that such a long week is over and I'm ready to start a better week :)

Love you all! Stay golden! :)

Elder Nielson
Local Gas Station Market

Pictures drawn by investigator of Elder Cropper and Taylor

Picture of Taylor and girl. Taylor said that those are his freckles :)

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