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Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 13: My first kiss!! (Chilean, not French)

Buenas Dias!

Last Monday we had a funny moment. After doing E-mail we went to a completo place to eat lunch and while we were there a lady who works for movistar, a big phone company in chile, offered us jobs as salesmen and told us we looked cute so we would get more business. It was a nice ego boost but we said no ;)

Tuesday was interesting as well. An inactive ladies mom died so we set up the chapel and funeral service, participated in that, and then went to the burial. After that we went teaching lessons and ate cake at one of the appointments. It was good, and now I am getting even fatter (But i started working out harder in the morning so I won't be fat for long!). After some teaching appointments we got an assignment from the bishop to go find a lady with mental problems (crazy) who had been kicked out of her house and to find out where she was and how we could help. We found her at a persons house who had found her freezing in the street and took her in. What a loving person! After discussing with her what happened we gave the info to the bishop. I am getting all kinds of crazy experiences!

Wednesday was changes and... I am staying in Villa Dulce with Elder Cropper for 6 more weeks. Woohoo! :) After studies and lunch we bought groceries (Which I love doing now). After shopping we worked. We had a couple lessons and went to the house where the crazy lady was staying and found out that she had run away. As we went to leave I got my first Chilean kiss! In chile everyone kisses each other goodbye, cheek to cheek or lip to cheek. As missionaries we aren't allowed to do that so we just shake hands to say goodbye (like an awkward child after a date) but non members don't know that so the older lady kissed us good bye (cheek to cheek). It was surprising and hilarious because the bishop made fun of us for it haha :)

Thursday was a good day because we had weekly planning. We realized and acknowledged that we weren't working as hard as we needed to/wanted to so we made good plans and got pumped. After doing some service we had some lessons and one with Lali. The lesson was awesome and the spirit was so strong! She said that when we were there she felt like she was in the presence of god. I know I am a representative of Jesus Christ and that I am here to help people come to him. It was a testimony building moment. At home I wanted to eat one of my hotdogs but Elder Cropper wouldn't let me (Jokingly) because I am trying to stop gaining weight so we ended up wrestling and I dove into the kitchen but he picked up my legs and dragged me out as I desperately clawed at the tile floor. It was a perfect and classic movie moment :) After that I ate my hot dog :)

Friday was one of the best days of my mission! We had interchanges and I was with a Latino companion for the day. But it was awesome because my Spanish just clicked. I understood almost everything. I taught a guy basically by myself and he understood me. Then we visited another family and like the whole family was together. We talked and laughed and taught. And I was finally myself in Spanish! It felt wonderful to be myself. By the end I had made everyone laugh a ton and they loved me! They were all sad when I left because they wanted me to come back but I can't cuz it isn't in my sector. They all said super nice things when I left and the older lady gave me a Chilean goodbye kiss. IT was fantastic to be myself and make people laugh!

Saturday not much happened. We taught some lessons, some appointments fell through and not much happened. The youth of the ward were selling empanadas for a fundraiser so we each bought 2 and they were a nice treat to have :)

Sunday Lali attended church and loved it! She is going to be baptized the 7th of December with her 2 grand kids! It was a good day of church for sure! Plus hermana Rivero got my companion and I A&W root beer which was super delicious :)

Thats my crazy week!
I love you all and stay golden! Until next week!

Love you all,
Elder Nielson
Church in Villa Dulce

Happy Birthday DAD!! Ooops
Happy Birthday DAD!!!

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