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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 11: I Got SHOT....S!!!!

Buenas dias!

This week was a good, interesting, and different week to say the least haha :)

Monday after all of our shopping, we got our haircut :)

Tuesday wasx a pretty good day. We did service for a lady who has cancer and hoed the grass and weeds out of her "Yard" (Area with greass and weeds in front of her house/appartment). We contacted a few people, one of which was named Lali who is now an investigator.

Wednesday was a good and bad day. In the morning my back seized up to the point where it hurt to breathe and move. That made the day long. But after our district meeting we got to work. (Now my back is completely fine). We visited Lali who has a tought life but problems that the gospel will fix. We did more work and ended the day planning the ward activity with the Rivero Family. They are awesome and we had hilarious conversations and I acutally felt like my normal self! (Talkative, funny, enthusiastic). (The ward activity had to be cancelled so we aren't doing it any more).

Thursday was an alright day. My back was still kind of hurting and tight so the nurse told me to put hot towel's on my back to relax it and while I was laying with one hot towel on my back I accidentally left the other one in the microwave to long so it got... well done. The rest of the day our appartment smelled like smoke hah :) The rest of thursday was alright. A super nice lady in the ward gave my companion and I some sunscreen (A bottle for each of us) which was super kind. After that we spent alot of time contacting and I felt kind of discouraged.

Friday was a VERY INTERESTING day to say the least. We had interchanges and I was with Elder Call our district leader (He is superbueno). We had a successful early afternoon until we visited hermana margarita. We visited her and when she opened the door her dog (Lots of people in Chile take stray dogs off the street and have them as pets, which I am assuming that she did) ran out of the house and bit me on the back of my left calf!! It ran away and we left. After that we spent the rest of the day cleaning it and visiting hospitals and clinics trying to get rabies shots. I didn't get them but Saturday I got them. Like I said, Interesting day, But I got to visit Valparaiso (For the hospital) so that was pretty cool! :)

Saturday was interesting as well haha. After studies Elder Cropper and I went looking for a place to get my rabies shots. A member was super nice and drove us to all of the hospital places. Finally we found a place to do it. For those of you who know me, I HATE SHOTS! The needle was the LONGEST, THICKEST, MOST SCARY DEATH STICK I HAVE EVER SEEN! After getting the shot (and not crying at all :)) I found out that I have to get 4 more shots for a total of 5 over a period of about 2 weeks! At least it makes for a pretty good story haha :) Afterwards we taught Lali and put a bautismal date with her!! :)

Sunday was a hectic day. Lali couldn't attend church but her 4 grandkids did and boy were they a handful!! Dealing with them was stressful and difficult but they liked church :) We taught and put a baptismal date with the oldest grandson, Diego :) At church Hermano Juan was confirmed a member which was awesome! :) He is just the greatest guy ever. After church we had lessons with some people and they were good :)

Like I said, it was an interesting and out of the ordinary week! I am doing great and love Chile! Stay golden,

My mission address for those looking to send me gifts ;)

 The address is 1112 4 Norte, viƱa del mar chile :)

Love you all,
Elder Nielson
Over done Towel

Taylor 0 Dog 1

El Diablo bit me!

New Hair Cut!! Oh Yeah!!!

Likening the Scriptures or at least acting them out while waiting for companion to come out of the bathroom

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