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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 99: Backstreet's Back Alright!!!

Buenos Dias!

This week was a good crazy week!

On Monday and Tuesday we worked in a trio which was pretty awesome. We went to all the houses of our investigators and were able to enter because there were 3 of us. We taught "D" and got him ready for his baptism and did some searching for new investigators.

On Wednesday we had changes. We got the call that Elder Diaz was leaving and that he had to pack his bags. After a morning of saying goodbye to the converts and members we went to change meeting. Elder Diaz got sent to Achupallas and I was waiting for my new companion when something that I never thought would happen, happened. I got my new companion and he is... Elder Nasilai!! The Tongan that was my companion in Coquimbo. The one that would beat box and I would rap! We are comps again! Everyone in the change meeting was shocked!! It was super awesome.

So we already know each other so we are just starting to take out the trash! We have seen some miracles this week already. We have been trying to get into a house of some ex investigators that seem pretty good. It is a family of 4 and they are married and everything. Since I first got here I have been trying to get in to their house and hadn't had success. In 5 months i had never been able to get in. Well last night it was pouring rain and we decided to pass by. We rung the doorbell and they talked to us through the doorbell microphone thing and asked what the heck we were doing outside while it was raining. We answered doing missionary work and they asked if we wanted to come it. We said yes and just like that they let us in! They gave us cake and hot milk and we got to teach them a little bit. They don't want to commit to so many lessons each week but they accepted another one this Saturday and seem pretty receptive!

We also have been trying to teach another family that has 3 people who are old enough to get baptized and we have never been able to make a solid appointment. Well last night while we were working the spirit told me that we should pass by them (Instead of going to a less actives house where I knew they would invite us in to eat dinner and let us get out of the rain) but fighting my inner desire to get out of the rain we passed by them. When we got close to the house we saw them getting out of their car and we were able to talk to them a little bit. We managed to make a solid visit for this Wednesday and if everything goes well.

A funny moment from the week was when I first took Elder Nasilai to meet "K" and her kids. When we got there the house was in Chaos and it seemed like a tornado had hit. "K" was apologizing and saying that it normally wasn't that bad but that he had to have patience because the kids were crazy. Right when she said that her youngest son comes up walking really funnily and said "Embarrassment doesn't exist in this family" Then walked away. It was so hilarious!

On Sunday "D" GOT BAPTIZED!! It was a super good service and he was super happy. We are going to keep working with his mom to help progressing so that she can get baptized!

But that was basically our week! We are hoping to see some of the fruits of our Labors Soon! If you could pray that everything goes well with the families that we are going to try to teach that would help a lot!

I love you all! Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)

"D" baptism

Fleite with the new converts

Scripture case

Book of Mormon Scripture case

Walmart version of girl scout samoa's delish
Beautiful ending to a day!

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