Vina Del Mar, Chile

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 96: Whistle while you work

Buenos Dias a Todos!

This was an interesting week! We had a lot of busy work to do so we didn't have much time to work but we did what we could. But at least I had my weights and could start lifting a little bit.

This week we had conferences with President. I really liked it because his wife gave a really good presentation which is exactly what I needed. My whole mission I have been really really really hard on myself. I can not explain how hard on myself I have been. By being hard on myself I give it all and I work hard and see many miracles, but it also is difficult for me if I do everything right and things don't go right. She talked about 10 steps to have higher resilience. Basically I decided that I was doing exactly what she said but I was being sad during the process. It really affected me and has helped to to Trust more in the lord and to do my part. To put it in practice this week I contacted as much as I could and talked to everyone and if somebody was mean I didn't care and just kept on contacting. It made me a lot happier and made me trust in God a lot more.

This week We had to clean out a pension and turn it in. Nothing too new but it was fun because I got to spend a lot of time with a senior missionary and he is hilarious! He is such a bro it was a blast talking to him and working with him. I talked to him and I would love to finish my mission being assistant to him to help him shut down the apartments and take care of the pensions and to do stuff like that. I don't think it will happen but It would be pretty sick :)

This week we only taught 1 lesson to an investigator and he didnt come to church on Sunday so his baptismal date fell through. It was a tough Sunday because none of our converts came to church so I felt like all my work had been wasted. But we will keep working with them this week. It is just so hard because almost every missionary sees at least half of his converts go inactive before he goes to his house. It is really sad to pass for it but retention is just horrible in Chile, not completely because of the wards but the culture is very against compromise and if you don't like something you just don't do it, even if it is required. It makes it super difficult, but we do what we can.

That was basically my week, Ill just send pictures, they explain more ha ha :)

I love you all!
Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)
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