Vina Del Mar, Chile

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 95: My Protein diet and muscles scared away the bad guy!

Buenos Dias a Todos!

This week was an interesting week for sure! Definitely had some first experiences in the mission and had a lot of stereotypical experiences as well.

This week we were working a lot with the nephew of our recent convert "K" and with the sister of "K". The little boy wants to be baptized but needs more support from his mom. His mom has been listening as well and has been understanding but her testimony of the gospel is super duper itty bitty. She has to make changes in her life and I think the idea of those changes scares her. He was going to be baptized on the 26th of June but his mom didn't take him to church like she said she was going to so we are going to have to verify if she is really willing to support him with actions or just with words.

The Family Home Evening last week went really well and was super fun. This week we had to cancel it because some elders had to go to visa and legal work so that they can stay in Chile. But tomorrow we will be getting the shirts and we will have them for the next FHE.

Well my exercises with my protein powder is going well... except for the fact that I don't have weights. A recent convert was going to give me his weights this week but we had scheduling issues and he didn't have time to have a lesson this week so I will have to wait until this Thursday. But I have been rocking the push up game (I hit 75 without stopping) so that has been pretty good but I am super stoked for the weights to get swole again :)

This week we had a crazy experience. Two nights ago at 4 in the morning I woke up to my companion yelling out the window! I thought he was sleep walking and dreaming (Because he has talked in his sleep before) but it turns out I was wrong. He had woken up and heard someone walking along the side of the house. While he listened the light that we have on the side of the house (that is a motion sensitive light) turned on and he looked out the window. A guy had been creeping along the side of the house with a bottle and when the light turned on it scared him and he ran away. The direction that he was going looked like he was going towards our balcony to break into the house through the window that doesn't have a metal fence over it. While the guy ran away my companion yelled out the window at him to let him know that we had seen him and that we knew he was trying to break it. Luckily nothing happened but it has been kind of nerve wracking sleeping at night. After that we slept with the lights on and the next day put everything important in the bedroom and locked the bedroom.

But all in all we are good! This next week will be a good one and we are going to work super hard to find new investigators to teach and to help.

I love you all!
Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson

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