Vina Del Mar, Chile

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Week 80: These legs are on fire!!!

Buenos Dias a todos!

This week was a great week of finding people to teach, working hard, laughing, and getting one of the best butt and leg workouts ever!

This week we continued teaching L. It has been hard because he is living with a lady for 20 years but they don't want to get married and don't want to stop living together. Another hard part is that he used to practice dark magic and made pacts with the devil which is why he is looking for the Light of Christ. But it is very hard to teach that God has requirements when Satan's power was so easy to access. We will see if he keeps progressing. If you could pray that he can receive an answer that he needs to live the law of Chastity.

This week was a good week because we found many investigators that can progress and others that need to get married before they can progress. But we have some families of single mothers with some kids that can get baptized and bring the happiness of the gospel to their home. We need prayers that the Herrera family can come to church this Sunday. That is what we need more than anything.

This week I have been a little bit sick with a Man Cold. My whole body has ached (Probably part from being sick, other part climbing so many hills) But I am getting better so that is definitely a plus in my week.

We had interchanges this week I was in a sector that isn't very hilly which was nice. It was a great interchange because we were able to teach lots of people and invite some people to be baptized. It was a great experience because they felt the spirit after learning about Joseph Smith and they felt the spirit really strongly. It was a great interchange and a great chance to show the elders How to just go for it and invite everyone :)

This week My legs and Butt have hurt soooooo bad! Our sector has the biggest steepest hills in the whole mission. And all the Recent Converts live, yeah that's right, at the top of each hill! But it has been good. My legs are getting a lot stronger and I am getting skinnier again ha ha but they are on Fire! :) A good way to end the mission :)

My spiritual experience of the week. After a day of lots of appointments that had fallen through I was really wanting to teach someone who was going to progress and actually put our teachings into practice. I could tell that my companion wanted the same. We decided to start knocking doors but we were in an area that isn't the most secure in the night time and it was pretty dark so I prayed that we could be guided to someone who will progress. We felt the impression to knock one more door. When we did we found a lady who is pregnant and is going to have a baby in a month. She was really friendly, kind, and was interested in our message. She doesn't live with anyone except her parents so there is nothing big that can prevent her from progressing :) I know that God answered our prayers and guided us to her house.

I know that God lives, Loves us, and wants to guide us if we accept his counsel.

I love you all! Stay golden!

Elder Nielson :)

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