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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 81: Nunca! I like that word :)

Buenos Dias a Todos!

This week was a pretty standard week! Still feeling the hills but I'm getting used to having sore legs ha ha :)

This week we worked really hard to help the investigators come to church. We had planned that K H would come to church with her 2 kids who had baptismal dates for the 27th. They didn't show up so we called them to see what happened. In the morning someone entered there house to rob them so they had to deal with that and that's why they didn't come to church. I was kind of frustrated with the thief. Why couldn't he have robbed somebody else house?! I laughed at the question after thinking it. But what can we do? We will see if we can help them come to church this next week.

I am learning the sector pretty well and am gaining the confidence of the members and the recent converts. The last elder who was here was really loved to it has been really hard to win the love of the people because they are all sad that the other elder left. But slowly and surely I am getting there.

This week we watched a really great capacitation that Elder Bednar gave to the missionaries of Chile and Argentina. He talked a lot about using the spirit by asking questions and following the needs of the people. He talked a lot about faith being a principle of action which was cool because I received a revelation. In Chile lots of people say "Querer es poder" which means "Want is Power" but after this talk I left with the knowledge that "Querer no es poder. Hacer is Poder" (Wanting isn't power, doing is power) I learned that if we want something and we have faith in order to receive Gods power to get it done we must act. It was a very good Capacitation. Elder Bednar can't speak Spanish but he spoke some words which was pretty funny. "Nunca" Means "Never" and he used "Nunca" many many times. One time he said "Nunca!... I like that word". It was funny to see his personality come out a little bit between using Spanish words, fist bumping the translator, and more.

On Sunday we had a special Conference that was Broadcast from Utah for all the stakes in Chile. They talked about being of Good courage, reading and praying, and keeping the commandments. It was really good but the coolest part was it was all in Spanish. Elder Nelson speaks Spanish! Did you know that? He sounded very gringo but it was awesome to see him speaking Spanish. It was another testimony that he really is a man called of God to teach every people and language about the Christ.

We have lots of investigators that have to get married. The others have to go to church, and others are members of incomplete families that have hardened hearts. If you could pray for progress in our sector that would help a lot. We are finding lots of people that have great potential, we just haven't been able to turn that potential into action.

My studies this week have been awesome! I have really focused on pondering during my studies, asking questions about what I read, and focusing on the details. It is amazing how fast studies fly by and how much we can learn about a couple of scriptures if we take the time to ponder and ask questions. I have really seen a difference in the scriptures when I have changed my desire to use them. I know that the Book of Mormon really is Inspired of God and no matter how many times we have read we can receive guide and inspiration.

That was basically my week! Hopefully next week We have some good news about the investigators! Next week remind me to tell you about the special mission from president to go to my old sector :) I'll tell it you you next week :)

Have a great week! Stay Golden!

Love you all!

Elder Nielson :)

A friend we met along the way!

View from the bottom of a small hill

My new apartment
My apartment

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