Vina Del Mar, Chile

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 66: I peed on a bus wheel, without shame... well actually with a lot of shame!!

Buenos Dias!

Sorry but this week I don't have much time to write, but I know that what I write is true and valuable (Like the Prophets in the Book of Mormon)

The investigators are good, progressing very slowly, being very difficult, but progressing. "M" a lady came to church and liked it. So if you could pray for her so that she can get baptised this month with her son that would be awesome :)

This week I had interchanges in a place called Andacollo. It is known as a place that has no success because it has a giant catholic church there and even has its own virgin (The Virgin of Andacollo) so it is known as the dead sector. Anyways I got there (After a 2 hour bus ride) and one of the rumors that I heard was true. I had heard that Andacollo Is like Lehi's dream. And it is true! I has a big tree by a river, with a shining silver hand rail that leads to the tree, with a giant catholic church nearby, and a river next to the path. I laughed out loud when I saw it because it literally was the dream :)

Anyways we had a great interchange! We took out the trash and found 2 new investigators, taught some others, and contacted some good families! It was amazing to see how much potential a dead sector really has if you work hard.

But anyways on the way back from Andacollo (A 2 hour ride) I had to go pee super duper bad! But there was no bathroom on the bus so I decided to hold it. I was about to pop so I decided to look out the window to see how far we are from the house and we weren't even moving!! We were stuck in traffic and were still like an hour from the house. I had to give up my dignity, walk in front of everyone, ask the driver if there was a place to pee, only to have him tell me to get off the bus and to pee on the wheel. It was sooooooo embarrassing! I almost died! And seeing the smirks I got from everyone when I got back on was the worst! But it was hilarious! and Horrible at the same time :)

Sorry the letter is so short, I have no time at all! 
Stay golden,
I love you all! :)
Elder Nielson

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