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Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 62: Hitchhikers guide to Baptisms!

Buenos Dias Todos!! :)

This was a good week with a lot of work and a lot of seed planting for good results next week :)

Anyways The goods of the week :)

Our investigator P lives in a part of our sector that is a little  bit farther away so we have to take a bus to get there and to get home. But the problem is that she can only talk to us in the night time and the buses stop passing by at about 9 o'clock. 

Anyways we finish a really good lesson and have some really spiritual moments and when we leave we look at our watch... 9:40... We have to be back in our apartment at 10. We sprinted to the bus stop and were waiting for something to pass by but nothing was passing by. Pretty frustrated I just threw my hand into the air with the 2 fingers sticking out (The signal for a bus to pick up 2 people) hoping that there was a collective that I couldn't see. Right after that a truck pulls over and asks us where we are going. After explaining the situation he told us to hop on in and he would take us home. So We rode with J to the church while he explained that his nephew is a missionary in Colombia and that he wanted to help out. He isn't a member and didn't want anything to do with the church, but he was friendly. It was pretty cool seeing that there are people who have compassion and take care of us. And it was cool hitchhiking for the first time in my life :)

This week we had interchanges and I was with a new elder. He is Chilean but it was a tough interchange. I found out that he didn't have any knowledge of the gospel but had a lot of desire to help people. I was excited to help him out in his goal. As we were teaching he wouldn't talk and wasn't willing to try to say anything. It was hard teaching with him but I learned a Valuable  lesson. We are not perfect, Not even close. But God knows that. While we are weak he doesn't expect us to be perfect. He just expects us to try. If we have the disposition to try to learn, to make mistakes and keep going, he will have more power to mold us into who we need to become. But on the opposite side, if we don't have the willingness to try, to change, to progress, to be humble, no changes can be made, and the weak person we are stays in the state of weakness. It is my prayer that we can choose to change, choose to accept the weakness, choose to accept the advice, and push forward.

This week during church we had to leave to give a health blessing to a man that is in the hospital and has been there for 3 months in a coma. We went and gave the blessing and when we left we met his mother and his sister. They were loving and ever so grateful for our service. We are going to visit them this week. But it is interesting how God can use the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, to touch and change our lives in everything :)

P didn't have her baptism this week because she has to have an interview with our mission president, but she is super awesome so there shouldn't be any problems with that and the baptism should be this Saturday :)

This week we had the opportunity to share lunch with a family that is from Venezuela and who are ever so loving. They were having some marriage problems and were not getting along well. After lunch we shared some scriptures about charity and then talked about the need to be like Christ, and not expect charity from others, but to give it to them. It was such a spiritual moment and the family realised that they could progress so much more together by looking to help the other people in their family instead of looking at themselves. I know that the Book of Mormon can give us guide in all our life, in our spiritual, temporal, matrimonial, and mental sides of life. It is true, and I invite all to read it, look for the guide and the help in their life, and to ask if it is true. Weather you be member, less active, inactive, non member, or Atheist. I know it will make a change, and that you will not be able to deny it.

If  you all could pray that this week we can find a family to teach. We have found many single investigators, but we know that the gospel is for families to progress together. Please pray for us so that we can find a family :)

That's it for this week :) I love you all! Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)

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