Vina Del Mar, Chile

Friday, February 19, 2016

Week 77: A Seventy and a High priest... well maybe not a priest, just a guy who was high

Buenos Dias a Todos!

This week was  another week of a bunch of working hard without results. But its alright, it is just the vacation time of year. The whole mission passes through the same thing every year :) But  because of it there wasn't much passing this week, just a couple experiences.

A Seventy:
Elder Teixera a Seventy from the first quorum of the Seventy came and gave a presentation. He first met with all the zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders and gave us a capacitation saying that if we want the mission to have more success and achieve more, then we have to have more success and achieve more. That we have to remind them of their purpose, and that we have to leave from the house everyday with our purpose in mind. It was a great capacitation that basically said, work hard, don't complain, and don't make excuses to not give it all. I really enjoyed it especially when the Sister Texeira ended her talk with "GO HARD"  (In English) which was hilarious :)

In the capacitation that was given to all the missionaries we learned new ways to be more efficient with finding people and getting references. Afterwards I was thinking (Fetch why did I learn this stuff so late in the mission?) because it was really good. He taught us about the need of using the people we have found to find other people. He taught us to pray with our investigators and ask them for people who might need our prayers as well, and why we should pray for them. After praying for them and feeling the spirit, asking if those people could benefit from a visit from us. It is amazingly effective and shows the love that we really have for everyone. The next thing he taught us was how to do contacts that are insanely efficient. A general contact has us stopping people in the street, presenting ourselves, asking peoples names, making some funny comments to get them interested, seeing what doctrine we could teach, teaching them something little, and asking to pass by. Elder Texeira taught us that we were wasting time by doing that. He taught us that every contact should be 10 seconds long and if they are really interested then it can be longer to teach the Book of Mormon or something. So he showed us that we should walk up to the person, say hello, and immediately teach a gospel principle of 5 seconds and ask to pass by. For example:

Hola amigo! Through The teachings of Jesus Christ your family can live together forever: When can we pass by to teach more of this message"

I'm not going to lie, when I heard it I didn't think it was going to work. But putting in practice my faith I decided to try it. After 2 days of doing it We had received a bunch of names of people to pass by. It was crazy how well it worked for how little time we put into each one.

A High Priest... without the priest part.

Here in the streets of Chile we always see people smoking marijuana or high on drugs. But this week we talked to a guy and while we were talking to him he did drugs...

We contacted a guy on a street corner and started talking to him. After talking to him we found out that he was a drug addict, but that he had a family and everything was going well. Just that when he was stressed he did drugs to escape everything. While we were talking he said
"I probably need Jesus a little bit more in my life don't I. But I don't think it is that way. I don't think I need him in my life... But what do you guys think."

I was about to say, Yeah you kinda need him in your life. But before I could say it my companion said. 
"You need him a lot."

The drug addict dropped his head and said "I Know..."

We got his address and we will send the reference to see what happens. Because he knew that he needed to change. And it was really sad seeing him smoke Pasta Base (A really crappy form of cocaine). But we will see what happens with him

That was basically our week! Hopefully this next week I have a little bit more to share! :)

Love you tons! Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)

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