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Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 76: This week was harder than finding 3 mormons together!

Buenos Dias a Todos!

This week was a difficult week, it was harder than finding 3 Mormons together! But other than that it was a good week. Lots of thinking and praying, but we're still going good with our animo :)

This week while doing contacts we contacted a 23 year old and were talking with him when suddenly he asks us why missionaries always walk in groups of 2. After explaining that it is the way the lord set up, that it helps us be safer, and is more efficient than using three he explained to us why. In the streets there is a saying (Not a saying that every Chilean knows, just ones that spend more time in the street) that is "Its harder than finding 3 Mormons together" and it means that the thing referred to is super hard. So that is why our week was harder than finding 3 Mormons together :)

This week we had a ton of appointments and we were stoked to go visit and teach all of them. But in total we had 2 appointments that were good and all the others fell through. So in total in 2 weeks we have had 37 appointments fail. That is a pretty huge number. That was pretty hard on us. We were working really hard and giving it our all and we weren't finding anyone. It was pretty frustrating, but with lots of prayer and study of faith, hope, and diligence, we were able to make it through the week.

This week we found out that there are a lot of hidden problems in the zone caused by a little bit of laziness and lack of diligence from our district leaders. We had put a lot of confidence in them, and come to find out they were abusing it a little bit. That was really hard because we did divisions and I went to the sector of the district leader with his companion. They had no plans really because they didn't have any new people to visit. It was saddening and frustrating to hear about what was going on. In divisions we just took out the trash and did 21 contacts and found 14 future investigators for them. But the next day I had to talk to the district leader and correct him and humble him a lot. It was hard to do, but it was necessary. He was mad at us the next day and at stake conference he didn't look us in the eyes and we had to greet him because he just tried to walk by us. But after the conference he worked hard so obviously what we did helped them out.

This week I was having a frustrating week with everything and decided to try and make my studies even more meaningful and personal. I decided to read the scriptures with a question in mind and then I decided to study repentance. It was an incredible study. When I read about repentance and the nature of it, it was a great peace in my soul. It was something that was more than just feeling calm, it was a peace even stronger. A hope that I can get better, and a desire to achieve it. It was a great study and all the scriptures that I read that day really helped me understand it. It was incredible. I made an effort to have studies like that all week and I achieved it a couple of times. 

This week is going to be very interesting! Elder Teixera the area president of our area is going to do a conference with the 4 zones that are close by. It is going to be amazing but the cool part is before the normal conference is is going to have a conference with the zone leaders so it will be us (8 zone leaders for the 4 zones) alone with Elder Teixera! It is going to be cool and amazing to be with a 70 almost personally. I am pretty sure that he is going to interview us as well. But I will let you know how it goes :)

Love you all! Stay Golden!
Elder Nielson :)
Oh the plants you find!

Human Oreo- My companion, Me White Boy and the Bishop

Pay Day!!

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