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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 70: Tanto Tiempo! (Long Time no talk;) )

Buenos Dias Todos!

This week was a good week! We had Christmas, The Christmas Call, Lots of Lessons, and We are going to have 3 baptisms!! :)

Well this letter will be pretty short, but this week I got to Celebrate Christmas a little bit :) On the 24th we worked during the day, visiting less actives and recent converts to sing them Christmas songs (I don't know if it was a pleasure or a punishment for them ;)) and did that until the Night time. At 8 we went to the bishops house to spend the evening with them :) We ate a Christmas Dinner, Rice with a sauce and spices, Mushrooms with the same sauce, and Malenaise (A chicken breast soaked in a sauce and the breaded) :) It was really delicious and we had some good conversations about every ones favorite Christmas memory.

After dinner we cleaned up and opened presents! From the bishop we got a chocolate Santa, a knit owl key chain, and a tie pin :) It was fun to be in a house where everyone was excited. The best part was seeing the bishops sons open presents ha ha. They were so excited that it was hilarious. One of the boys got a comic book that he really wanted and almost passed out after hyperventilating and freaking out. 

After that we ran to the apartment and opened the presents from the Grandparents and my Family. Thank you for the candy, cookies, yo-yo, and teeth whitening strips. 

On the 25th we woke up and went and taught some lessons and then went and called the family! It was awesome to see my grandparents, parents, and little sis. It was a great conversation, but 40 minutes is pretty short ha ha :)

After that we went and ate with our ward mission leader and then went to teach a lesson to the M and M. They are both getting baptized this Wednesday and it is going to be awesome! They are so prepared and have progressed so much together. And in the end of the lesson she gave us a present. Each of us got a white shirt, 3 pairs of socks, and new very attractive shoes (Exactly what you told me I needed in the call). It was awesome. She is so loving and really wants to help others. It was a great gift and we thanked her like a million bazillion times.

After that the week was work, work, teach, teach, search, search. We have 2 baptisms this week, and in 2 weeks Jorge is going to get baptised. We are preparing all of them and looking for more :)

Thank you all for the Christmas wishes, prayers, and encouragement. 

Have a fantastic New year! Stay Golden in 2016 too!

I love you all!

Talk to you next year! ;)

Elder Nielson :)

Christmas gifts from M

Christmas with the Bishops family

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