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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 71: I didnt choose the Fleite life... The fliete life chose me.

Buenos Dias Todos!

This week was a fantastic week of baptisms, New Year, and Progress :)

This week we prepared everything for the Baptism of M and M and they got baptized on Wednesday!! They were so happy and are such faithful members already! It is such a pleasure to have worked with them :) It was a great service and then on Sunday they got Confirmed! Work, prayers, and faith has shown its fruit once again :)

Sunday was a great day because P another one of my converts fasted for the first time and payed her fast offerings. She is progressing well and is going to become a strong member :)
J our other investigator came to church so he will be baptized this Sunday. He is super awesome and is living the Word of Wisdom. He stopped drinking tea and is now drinking coca cola instead ha ha :) At least we have  some progress there :)

We also had a great New year. We ate a huge dinner with a member and the Elders From Andacollo because there were no buses to make it to the activity the next day so they had to come early :) It was a blast and it was super delicious :) In the night we got to see some fireworks for about 5 minutes. They were cool while it lasted :)

On new years day we watched a movie in a zone activity. It is called the Cokesville Miracle. It is super good. It is by the same group that made 17 Miracles and Efraims Rescue. It is pretty intense but has a great spiritual ending :)

Other than that we didn't do much more this week. We are teaching, looking for more people to teach. 

But to end it all... Today I didn't choose the Fleite Life, The fleite Life chose me. Today I had to get a haircut because my hair was super long, But what I got was not what I was expecting. I showed the hair cutting lady a picture of the hair I wanted and she explained what she was thinking and I told her that it was exactly what I wanted. I sat down and before I could take a breath she shaved the side of my head!!! So now on the sides and on the back I am basically bald, like a really really short buzz. On top it is my normal hair style. It is a super super super fleite haircut and the moment the other elders saw me they all started laughing and making fun of how fleite I look! I will send pictures next week, but maybe I will have more success with the fleites ha ha :)

That is about it for this week!

I love you all, stay golden, Don't get haircuts! ;)

Elder Nielson :)
Baptism of M and M
Baptism of M and M

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Stopping for a little relief

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