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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 69: Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad... Ch ch ch ch ch... Feliz navidad... ch ch ch ch ch

Buenos Dias Todos!

Hows it going there in the good old U.S. of A? I have heard that it is pretty cold and am a little bit Jealous. In this moment I am suffering one of the worst sunburns I have received in Chile with a little bit of sweat to cool it off ;)

This last week was a very standard week with a couple miracles that added a little bit of happiness to the routine :)

A Jorge a Day (A George a Day):
Last Monday after P-day we left to go work. Not having any appointments planned we decided to go visit some less active converts and to contact on the way. On the way the spirit told me to contact a man that I saw. As I started walking towards him he started walking towards me. He took out his headphones and started talking to me. At first he began to talk about how we are gringos and I was worried that he was going to start ranting about how the Mormon church is a church of the gringos. But to our surprise he started talking to us about Joseph Smith and The book of Mormon. In his own words he said "La historia de Jose Smith es Bakan, y el Libro de Mormon, tambien es Bakan" Translated that would be "The history of Joseph Smith is Fetching awesome, and the book of Mormon, is fetching awesome as well!" 

Come to find out he was an old Investigator who didn't get baptised because his family is Very Catholic but now that doesn't matter to him because he wants to continue with his life and do what he knows is right (He is 41). It really was a miracle and was amazing. It was a great testimony that God blesses us, because after 2 weeks of contacting like crazy, working hard, and not finding anything, he gave us someone who is more than prepared. He already knew everything. Teaching him is just paperwork basically. He is going to get baptised the 10th of January. 

M is also going to get baptised with her son the 30th of December! She received an answer to the book of Mormon and her prayers and has overcome many important trials to prove her testimony. Please pray for her so that everything turns out okay :)

This week we worked hard and took out the trash, teaching, contacting, and planning like crazy. I hope that the miracles keep coming.

A shout out to everyone who sent me a letter wishing me Merry Christmas. Thank you for your love, support, and testimonies! I hope that you have a fantastic new year! :)

I am stoked to talk this Friday! Woohoo! I have 40 minutes (short, but we will make the most of it) I will be calling at about 4 Chilean time. Please have questions, comments, and everything ready so we don't spend any of the call in awkward silence ha ha :)

Well only 3 days until Friday, But Smile, remember who you are, stay golden, and remember the reason that This season is important and choose the present that we are going to give to our salvador to consagrate our heart and mind :)

I love you all!

Elder Nielson :)

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