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Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 23: I would walk 500 miles ... and I would walk 500 more!

Buenas Dias!
This week has been a good one! I have really come closer to my heavenly father and have learned how to really pray and communicate with him. I believe that is a big reason that we have trials and difficulties, because when we have them we really turn everything over to God and rely on him a lot more.

This week I have been praying like none other to have blessings and miracles, I have been trying to be one hundred percent diligent and to put the rest in the hands of the lord. This week I received the answer to my prayers and in the process learned that God has a sense of humor :)

On Tuesday in the morning I pleaded and begged to find a miracle during the day so that we could have someone to talk to. During the day we were contacting and looking for people to teach when we began to talk to an old lady. After talking and doing the contact she said that she didn't want anything and wouldn't let us pass by her house. To be nice I always ask their name and when I asked her name I was pretty shocked. 

"And what is your name?"
"Yeah, funny huh?"

So my prayer was answered, I found a miracle and talked to someone, God answers prayers ;) After that I decided to be a little bit more specific in my prayers ha ha :)

As we continued in the week we continued working hard and praying hard and finally encountered our miracle. It all began Thursday night. To finish the day I prayed for our companionship prayer. It was the most personal, conversational, sincere prayer that I think I have ever given. After the 10 minute prayer of expressing my frustrations, desires, plans, and willingness to do whatever I was asked to do we ended the day. The next day the miracle came. We encountered our investigator (P, an investigator of about 6 months) in her house and she let us in (Miracle 1). After having a lesson with her we started talking about baptism. I was scared to death to have this lesson because when she hears the word baptism she normally shuts down (We have attempted to put a baptismal date with her 5 times) but this time she listened and participated. I was guided by the spirit and felt like I should try to put a baptismal date with her. She accepted! (Miracle 2!)  She said that if she receives and answer to her prayers that this is the true church and the church for her that she will be baptized the 15th of February :) So please pray for her and that she can receive her answer before that day. I know that the answer will be yes when it comes, because I know the church is true, but Please pray that she will receive it before that day.

That was my weeks work in a nutshell, not much, but definitely a start.

Ive decided that since I have so many encounters with dogs that I am going to start sending with my letter my weekly dog story of the week! This week was dog filled so I have 2 dog stories of the week ha ha :) 

Dog story 1: El Lobo (The wolf)

This week we went to go pass by the catholic family that we contacted the week before. As we were about to arrive to their apartment there was a big dog right in the middle of the path. As we focused on the dog we started leaving the path to avoid the big dog and to make it to the apartment without startling the dog. As I was walking I heard a growl, a deep low scary non normal dog growl. I looked to the left and almost had a heart attack. While I had been focusing on the big dog in the path I hadn't noticed the even bigger dog that wasn't on the path. The dog looked, sounded, smelled, (and I'm pretty sure tasted and felt)  Like  a wolf! Its growling turned into barking as it started walking towards us. It wasn't a normal dog because it didn't charge, it was like a wolf, just walking towards us with its teeth threatening to kill us and eyes filled with hate! We backed up slowly and after throwing rocks at it (Which didn't stop it at all) we got our bags ready to fight it and I prepared myself to wake up in the hospital without a leg. Somehow we managed to back away and Fight it off without incident. Afterwards I had to sit for 5 minutes to let my heart calm down. But know I know how scary wolves really are!

Dog story 2: RUN!

This week as we were walking down a small street a ton of dogs were barking at us, which is super normal, but we weren't worried because they were all behind fences. As we continued walking we figured out we were going the wrong way so we walked back the way we had come. As we were walking a dog behind the fence began to bark and growl, and we noticed that the gate wasn't fully shut. The dog jumped and started pushing the gate open so that it could get out to attack us. My comp noticed just in time and slammed the gate shut and shouted "RUN" as we ran I heard the barking getting closer and closer! The dog had gotten out and was chasing us. We ran down the street, turned the corner and jumped down 2 flights of stairs with 1 jump! We escaped the dog but left some stuff behind... our pride and dignity. Never before had I literally run away from a dog. But Now... I have.

This week I had to give up using my first pair of shoes! I did the math and I have walked about 700 miles so far and have a lot more to go! But I love it and wouldn't trade it for everything! On to pair of shoes number 2! :)

This week really was a better week than the others and I hope it continues to improve! I am working hard and striving every single day to do better and better! I appreciate all the support and prayers that I have received!

I love you all! Stay golden!

Elder Nielson :)

First 700 miles

Socks became the new sole

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