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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 24: Bathing in Holy Water!

Buenas Dias!!

This week was a week of problems all around. Never have I been this tired on my mission and never have I been this stressed, but we are going to overcome the problems and the trials which will bring us blessings and funny stories! :) Boy do I have a good story for this week :)

This week as I said we have had many problems
1. Our water heater doesn't work
2. Whenever we shower water falls into the apartment below us so we had to cut the water to our apartment
3. There is drama in the ward that is really affecting us as missionaries
4. I have to deal with all of this in Spanish haha :)

I have a great story this week because of the second problem and because of it I bathed in "Holy Water" ;)

This week we had to cut the water to our apartment for about 2 days. This was frustrating because we couldn't use the bathroom or wash our dishes in the apartment. And to drink or do other necessary tasks with water we had to use emergency water stored in bottles. We made it through one day without water and began the second day without water. We quickly realized that we couldn't shower in the apartment and had to shower somewhere else. As we are not allowed to shower with member or go to other sectors to shower we were at a loss for what to do. But then the answer came to me... The Chapel has water!! Yes you may know where I am going with this... We had to shower in the Chapel. 

We gathered shampoo and supplies and went to the Chapel, went and found the janitors closet, found the water spigot to fill cleaning buckets and did what was necessary... Use it to shower. It was definitely a different but hilarious experience and I hope I never have to do it again. But it worked and we were able to shower with the Holy water of the chapel ;) 

This week I have been super tired and while I was sitting on a chair in the chapel waiting for my companion to finish using the bathroom I fell asleep without even knowing it. After about ten minutes I woke myself up because of my snoring haha. 

This week has been tough because we haven't had tons of time to work because we have been calling and trying to fix everything with the apartment and fix all the problems there.

We have been able to teach lots of less active members and been able to have super spiritual lessons with them and help them attend church again. This week hopefully we will have more time to work and have success :)

I love you all! Stay Golden!

Elder Nielson :)
The "holy" bathtub
At least we will be clean

Taylor?! Cooking?! Brownies :)

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